Ms. Charm’s 2012 Valentine’s Day Guide

Oh, Valentine’s Day . . . If you are partnered up, I’m sure you can not wait for next Tuesday. If you are single, I’m sure you are not looking forward to seeing PDA all day.

We all must remember that Valentine’s Day is about love whether it’s towards your family, your parents, your friends, or your crush.

If you love your significant other and you like being in a relationship,  Ms. Charm sees nothing wrong with that. If you like being single, Ms. Charm knows how you feel.

Say hello to Ms. Charm’s Valentine’s Day Guide . . .

Single Girl Valentine’s Day

Being single on Valentine’s Day is something that Ms. Charm can relate to.  I’m in my early 20s so I have plenty of time to date and find that right guy.

Most importantly, I know that I am not going to be single for rest of my life. So, I do not fear Valentine’s Day.

Being a single girl on Valentine’s Day isn’t that bad:

– You can go out with your other single friends, hit up a club, and sing some karoke.

– You can treat yourself to your very own Valentine’s Day gift.

– You can go to a singles mixer type thingy at a local bar/club  and possibly, walk out with a date.

-You can have a singles party at your house and invite your crush.

Here’s my favorite “being single is okay” song: 

No one wants to alone, but it’s not the end of the world if your single. 

Valentine’s Day Event at Urban Chic

The “Be My Valentine event will on Monday,February 13 and Tuesday, February 14.  You get to draw your discount from a basket of Valentines and save 20 percent off of all red and pink clothing.

Tips for Dudes Still Looking for Valentine’s Day Gifts

The basic Valentine’s Day package involves: roses, a card, and a box of chocolates. If you want your lover to go the extra mile on Valentine’s Day, just simply tell them what you love?

“We should do something different for Valentine’s Day.”

Ms. Charm’s translation: This means why can’t I go to one of my favorite boutique’s and buy a few new things to put in my closet?

(Gifts from Hanger Alley).

Here are a few boutiques that have clothes, shoes, and accessories (possibly lingerie) all in the same place: Babe a BoutiqueCupcake BoutiqueSouth Moon UnderDoll House Boutique, DoubleDutch,  Fresh! Boutique, K Staton, In the Details,  Hanger Alley, Katwalk Boutique LoveLace Toujours, Brightside Boutique and Polina’s Prive Fine Lingerie.

“I wish I had a cool pair of shoes to go out in.”

Ms. Charm’s translation: I really want to go shoe shopping at one of Baltimore’s best shoe boutiques: Ma Petite Shoes SassanovaPoppy and Stella 

(Irregular Choice Shoes from Ma Petite Shoe).

“My heart begins to beat out of control when I see a garment from years ago.”

Ms. Charm’s translation: I love vintage as much as Rachel Zoe, therefore I need a trip to :  Salome Vintage , Myrtle Dove VintageThe Fashion Attic

(Dress from Myrtle Dove Vintage).


“I want you to surprise me”.

Ms. Charm’s translation: This does not mean go to Jared because every other man is going there for Valentine’s Day.  To find jewelry,  I suggest shopping at a local jewelry boutique like  Amaryllis Handcraft Jewelry or .925 The Silver Store.

(Jewelry from Amaryllis)

Or, buy her something handmade and one of a kind.  

Here are some suggestions: Yummy and Company (Jewelry)TigerLillyShop  (Jewelry)The Little Bird (Jewelry)Two Back Flats (Hats)The Broken Plate (Jewelry)Jersey Girl Design (Jewelry)Marian Ruth (Crocheted Hats and Accessories)Whichgoose (Bridal)Design by Night (Jewelry)Charm City Company Mineral LoveBecca & MarsBeatrice and the Bird