Ms. Charm’s Updates: Writing My Heart Out, Job Hunting & February Love

I am happy to say that 2012 started off with a good bang!

New Year, New Opportunity

In the first month of 2012, I was able to focus on one of my big goals for this year: “Just Keep Writing”.  If you ever been unemployed, you know that your life can get pretty boring really quick. Personally, I refused to sit on my butt all day and not do anything.

It was during the 2011 holiday season that I started to research the web for writing opportunities. This is going to sound crazy . . . I actually miss having deadlines for  assignments or just having an assignment to do.

I am so thankful that I have started freelancing for an online magazine and I hope to continue writing posts for their amazing site throughout the year.

I thought I would share some links with you all:

Five Ways To Dress Up Your Natural Hair :

Versallies 73 Documentary:

Designer We Love Nic Fish

Tips For Keeping Your Shoes Fly:

Things To Do When Shopping For Vintage:

Personal Life: Job Hunting Seems Like It’s Going No Where

Officially, I have hit seven months unemployed. I’m not feeling good about it because seriously, who would feel good about not having a job or not having unemployment benefit checks to help you along the way.

Some days, I wake up and think what have I done to deserve this. Some days, I wake up and I do my best to keep my situation off my mind. All I can do is pray and hope for the best. 

February Means A Lot To Ms. Charm

On the bright side, February is my favorite month of the year for three reasons:

  • Ms. Charm’s Chic Birthday is on Feb. 8 and my blog is turning two years old! 
  • Fashion Week Season begins with New York Fashion Week on Feb. 9!
  • My Birthday (it’s next week!) 

Make sure you check out Ms. Charm’s Chic Facebook page throughout every week because I will be updating with sales, announcements, and more events in Charm City.