Ms. Charm’s Natural Hair Journey

Sometimes you look at yourself in the mirror . . . and think “maybe it’s time for a change”.

In October 2011, I decided to give my hair . . . a drastic change. Now, I am a naturalista!

TRUTH: Since 7th grade, I have been straighten my hair with a straighten comb. I have burned my hair numerous times with straighten combs. I would buy pieces (ponytails and buns) for special occasions. I would always have my hair in a ponytail or curl it with rollers.

I had a relaxer once, but the idea of chemicals burning near my scalp just didn’t click. And, I have never had a perm.

DECISION: After straightening my hair with heat for years, I thought the best option for my hair was going back to natural (without heat).

FIRST STEP:  Make sure you have the right products and items. What do I use?

Items I use: Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Water Bottle, Satin Bonnet, Bobby Pins, Huge Hair Clip, Organic Gel, and Comb Set

Other things, but not necessary for every naturalista.

Flowers Clips, Headband, Rollers and Hair Bands

NEXT STEP: Experiment with my hair to figure out what hairstyles I could wear. I have tried twist out, twists, rollers and braids so far.


On Youtube, I found Naptural85. She teaches you how to take care of your hair and how to make homemade oils for your hair. Also, she has tutorial videos for cute and diverse hair styles.  She is my number one source for many questions about natural hair.

Other great sources: Curly Nikki, Black Girl with Long Hair


One of my favorite personal style fashion bloggers is Tamia of Style Sample. I always admire how she always changes up her hairstyles.

(Photos from Style Sample).

Other bloggers with great natural hair: Style Pantry, Mattieologie

Besides that, my celebrity inspirations are Solange Knowles and Diana Ross (old images from the 1970s).

(Photo from
(Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images)

LAST STEP:  Figure out a daily hair regiment that works. Being a naturalista is hard work, but it always pays off in the end. I find that my regiment changes based on the hairstyle I am wearing.

No matter what, I always spray hair with water, detangle it, and grease my hair. I have been natural (heat free) for three months! I’ll update you on my hair journey when I hit six months in March.

I’m still learning about my hair daily, but I am in love with my hair’s natural state.