Meet Ella Pritsker of Maryland Academy of Couture Arts

Have you ever picked up a needle and thread?  Maybe you learned how to sew watching your grandmother?  Maybe you picked up a sewing book from the library and taught yourself?

Maybe you went to a fashion school and learned from a mentor? Whether you are self taught or receive a fashion education, it is clear that the art of sewing will never fade away.

Ella Pritsker is the founder and director of Maryland Academy of Couture Arts located at  20 East Timonium Road, Suite 312 in Timonium, MD.

Ella Pritsker (Photo from Ella Pritsker).

Pritsker uses her sewing skills to teach other about haute couture and to inspire others to use their hands to make wearable pieces.

In two years, Pritsker has became a household name in the fashion community of Charm City by being a co-founder of Baltimore Fashion Alliance and teaching her couture mastery to students like Michelle Murphy, Jude Drakeford, and Vincent Licari.

(From Right to Left) MACA students Jude Drakeford, Vincent Licari, and Michelle Murphy (Photos from Ella Pritsker).

What inspired you to start the Maryland Academy of Couture Arts?

It has been a dream of mine for a few years. I’ve met many talented designers that wanted to improve their skills. Also a lot of people said wanted to learn to make their own clothes, and many wanted to become dressmakers. I just wanted to keep the art alive and preserve it for future generations.

How would you describe the Maryland Academy of Couture of Arts classes or environment?

Simply HEAVEN. It’s inspiring, it’s wonderful and very peaceful. Retreat for your soul.

 (Photo from Ella Pritsker).

What do you love about teaching others about sewing and design?

Teaching is very rewarding. Its like unlocking hidden potential! When one learns the skills, one has the tools to express their own individual creativity.

What’s the best thing you have designed so far?

I like all my designs equally, it’s like trying to decide which is your favorite child. But what I love to see most are my students creations, they are amazing and are very inspiring! When I see what they are capable of creating, I know I’m on the right track.