Weekend Catwalk: Artscape 2011

Happy 30th Anniversary, Artscape!

(Graphic from Artscape.com).

The largest free arts festival in the world has been going strong since 1982. This year, Artscape is going totally 80s! The 1982 presentation is a must see at Baltimore’s favorite festival this year.

At the Charles Street Bridge, the 1982 time warp will occur with dance, fashion, interactive art, and visual art. View the full schedule here.


On Saturday, there will be an 80s Costume Contest!

On Sunday at 2 p.m., two of Baltimore’s vintage mavens: Salome Vintage and DeBois Textiles will sponsor a 80s fashion show!

(Photo by AnnaLouise Jiongco).


Do not forget about the DIY section of Artscape located at Mt. Royal Avenue (between Maryland Avenue and Charles Street).
Who’s going to be there? Natty Paint, Spaghetti KissRed Prairie Press, TigerLilly Shop, Design by Night, Sweet Pepita, Baltimore Etsy Street Team just to name a few.


Get crafty at Artscape literally at the Collage Workshop! You can create a one of a kind mixed media masterpiece within a 10×10 inch canvas panel using materials like hand-made papers, glitter, markers and mod podge.


(Photo from Dyanne Marte).

Be sure to check out the Artists’ Market at Artscape. It is a juried show that showcases artists who create and execute original, professional quality work like Baltimore own Dyanne Marte and Squidfire.

This year’s jury included: Matt Hyleck , Cherí Landry, Rod McCormick, Sharon Massey, Michel Modell, Ella Pritsker and Rachel Rotenberg.


The 2011 Fashion Competition is online! If you are a Baltimore fashion designer, come to Artscape in garments you designed. Take a picture of yourself at Artscape and post the picture to Artscape’s Facebook Page. The person who gets the most likes by August 1, 2011 will be featured on Artscape.org and get $250!

There are plenty other things to do at Artscape. I just wanted to tell you about all the fashion related stuff.

I plan to attend Artscape either one or two days and I hope to you there!

I will have all my Artscape coverage up next week!


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