Ms. Charm’s Chic Adventures: RACK PART TWO

TIME FOR AN INTERMISSION! Guess what, it really did happened after Ginny Duncan’s Steel Magnolias presentation wrapped up.

During intermission, audience members had the option of grabbing something to eat or drink at the RACK bar or examine the RACK stage up close and personal. I decided to go on stage and view the dresses and equipment on the RACK stage.

(Photos by Paulette W.).
(Photo by Paulette W.).

Once I was done, I walked back to my seat and I ate some raisin bread that I had in my purse (am I the only person who always carries a snack when they go to events?) Well, let’s get back to the event.

Yeji Byun Bower’s presentation featured two little boxed stages that models stood up on. I love the idea of seeing the back and front of each garment. Shhh . . . I want to wear everything in that collection!

Jacob Wayne Dillow shocked the crowd with his Apocryphal collection. The presentation was dark, full of action, full of mystery, and ended in death.

Sarah Ivancic‘s Monstrosities instantly put a smile on my face. The model were fun and the clothing was whimsical. Most of all, I adored the shoes and I need those shoes!

Soyoung Park‘s Ballerina Meets Punk made me have a fashion attack! I heart anything edgy! I would so wear any piece in her collection.

Katherine Weintraub‘s Love Letter to a Somatoform may have confused some, but I enjoyed it. I love how the deranged models didn’t allow their craziness to stop them from falling in love.

The finale was Sharela Bonfield‘s FlyGirls: Remixed. I love the choreography!!!!! Yes, I was totally moving in my seat! I love the 80s/90s flashback to the good old days of early hip hop! Perfect way to end the show for sure!

I want to thank Valeska Populoh and the MICA students for making my Saturday night a great one! I am so happy to see student designers showcasing that fashion is more than seams. Fashion is everything!  I can’t wait for next year!


If you are interested in any pieces from the show, do not hesitate and e-mail them at Please include your name, contact information, and the name of the collection/artist in e-mail.


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