Ms. Charm’s Adventures: RACK PART ONE

I can’t say it enough . . .MICA’s Fiber Department knows how to make everyone have a good time and produces garments that always blows my mind.

(Photo by Paulette W.).


Well, let’s me tell you about the event. I arrived at the St. John’s Church at 5:30 p.m. and I was happy to see a crowd of people waiting to get in! The Church door read that doors will open at 5:40 p.m. I didn’t mind waiting in my H&M trench coat for ten minutes.

As soon as the doors opened, the crowd of people and I went up the steep steps to enter the stage for RACK. The first person I had to talk to was Valeska Populoh, the mastermind behind this event and she escorted me to my seat.


I’m no E! Fashion Police, however I would give my BEST DRESSED VOTE to Valeska Populoh. She had a lovely garment on that I wanted in my closet.

Also, I was so happy to see one of my readers, Sarah Raimez Cross in person! She was there with her cute daughter. 🙂

Anyway, the show began promptly around 6 p.m. The first student designer to showcase their work was Matthew Reading. The Smart Textile Circus had audience interaction, beautiful costumes (some even moved and lighted up) and make-up, and balloon animals. I love me some Britney Spears! So, hearing Britney Spear’s “Circus” in the background had me moving in my seat.

Next up was Mika Eubanks. Throughout the event, she shared her family stories including “To Smile and Laugh”, “Sweet Potato Pie”, and “Grandpa”.  I adored that her garments told an unspoken story as well.

Molly Roberts presented Sprightly that instantly reminded you of spring time. Love the hand dyed pants and tops.

Rachel Christensen‘s Untitled presentation was on-going throughout RACK featuring workers on the church’s stage consumed in a world of making.

Kyle England‘s Material Systems Within a Space explored religion and art with video and a runway aspect. I enjoyed seeing some men’s wear mixed with some women’s wear in his collection. I heart the guy that looked like he was 7 foot tall corkiness.

Nolla Yuan “Dreamscape” had models in dreamy silk outfits while smoke filled the church. Janae Smith (who showcased at Panoptic last year) was the highlight in the show while she glided on the wooden floor in her silk dress.

Maria Chaverri‘s Seed of Love featured frantic looking models in beautifully crafted garments centering around the theme of seeds magically growing into plants. I loved the long planted train garment.

Ginny Duncan‘s Steel Magnolias explored the strength of a Southern woman. Models skipped around the audience giving out treats. Fave Part: Watching the models danced with audience members! You have to see the video.


If you are interested in any pieces from the show, do not hesitate and e-mail them at Please include your name, contact information, and the name of the collection/artist in e-mail.


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