Ms. Charm’s Adventures: Guy Style at PEDX Baltimore

I decided it was about time I came out of my winter hibernation to interview a talented Baltimore based entrepreneur.

Honestly, I have missed going out to events and talking to cool people that make my hometown’s fashion scene.

Guess what, I’m so back and I have plenty of events to cover in April. Just wait and see.

Q and A with the Owner of PEDX

Anyway, I took a stroll down ALICEANNA Street to meet the owner of PEDX Baltimore, Garth Young.

If you ever noticed, I often tweet about how PEDX Baltimore is the ultimate place for men to shop in Baltimore because I have some guy friends that love shopping there.

(Photo from PEDX).

However, I hear that PEDX Baltimore will be expanding to provide some hot stuff for women as well. I am beyond excited about that!

Of course, I will so stop in and try on some things. And, I will let you know what I like by reporting it all here.

Check out my interview with the smart and always fresh, Garth Young:

What do you love the most about the PEDX Baltimore new location?

Of course, I like the space. It has a changing room and a bathroom. I came from a place that didn’t have that. It’s just a new way to sell our products. We can put more stock in here and showcase a lot more products. We are working on getting more brands.

What is your favorite three pieces of clothing you got in for spring?

One of the hottest items for spring this year is the V-neck pocket tee.  You can wear it with whatever doing the day and then, wear it when you want to look a little better at night. The cardigan is always popular. Also, just a basic T-shirt and polos. Snap Backs are beginning to hit Baltimore’s urban culture.

(Photo from PEDX).

Why do you think PEDX Baltimore is a popular place for guys to shop in Baltimore?

I think it’s one of the most popular, honestly. We have been here for three years now.  I think it has to deal with our ability to consistently stock brands. We have branded ourselves pretty well. Originally, we are from Philadelphia where it was PedestrianX. I took over and I changed the name to PEDX.

(Photo from PEDX Baltimore).

Any upcoming events you are planning for PEDX Baltimore?

You know we have our weekly event called Always Dope. We were doing it Red Maple, Sticky Rice, basically any big venue in Baltimore. Now, we are doing it at Sonar.


ALWAYS DOPE w/ HELLFIRE MACHINA at Club Sonar this Saturday.


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