Q and A with Kolleen Kiduff of Design by Night

Kollen Kiduff was watching TV one day when she spotted a hair accessory on a commercial. Instantly, she thought that she could make that. The following day, she visited a craft store to get some materials. By the end of the day, Kiduff had made a few original hair accessories for herself.

(Photo from Design by Night).

“I got a lot of compliments,” Kiduff said. “One of my best friends, who sells on Etsy, suggested I open a store and sell my creations. So, I did. Within a week, I sold three hair accessories. I was very excited and kind of shocked.”

Kiduff has an amazing hair accessory company called “Design by Night”. She is serious about her love for making your hair a part of your outfit.

(Photo from Design by Night).

“Say you are having a bad hair day or you are in a hurry so you put your hair up in a pony tale, I love how a headband or hair clip can transform a bad hair day to a day where your co-workers complement you,” Kiduff said.  “Plus, most women have some “staples” in their wardrobe, little black dress, a cardigan, etc. I love how adding a flower brooch to these staples can give an outfit a different look.”

How would you describe the place you make your accessories?

Feathery-flowery chaos! I try to keep everything nice and organized in my craft room but when I start creating things I get lost in the moment. So usually it looks like a pro wrestling ring where a cage match between a drag queen, a peacock and Martha Stewart occurred.

(Photo from Design by Night).

What is your current favorite Design By Night piece?

Peacock Blue Flower Brooch/Hair Clip is my favorite. I am a big fan of Ru Paul’s Drag race and I was inspired to make this piece after watching a marathon of the show. One day I want to send one to Ru.

I love that you do tutorials on your blog! What are your top three tutorials you have created so far? Why?

The top three tutorials are Paper Towel Roll Flowers, Felt Flower Brooch and Recycled Ruffled Headband. I think all three are popular because they are inexpensive to make, two of them use recycled materials that most people already have around their house.

(Photo from Design by Night).

Why do you love crafting?

I love crafting because I love creating things. It isn’t just about the putting the object together, it is about the excitement of thinking up a new idea and seeing it become a reality.  Not to mention crafting gives me an excuse to play with glitter and feathers!

(Photo from Design by Night).

What are some things you hope to do in 2011 with Design by Night?

I have always liked wearing hats and head pieces so in 2011 I really want to work on developing a line of retro inspired cocktail hats and perhaps learn how to make hand formed hats. Plus, I really enjoy creating and sharing craft techniques and tutorials, so I hope to keep developing new tutorials and growing my blog. Perhaps even run a flower making workshop sometime soon.


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