Glittery Jersey Design with Charm

Sometimes all it takes is a set of numbers to make a person start crafting.

Four year ago, Lauren Browlie was in a store browsing through jewelry when she saw a gorgeous pair of earrings that changed her life forever.

I really liked the earrings, however I did not like the price tag that went along with them,” Browlie said. “Later that same day, I was in a craft store, I saw some beads that looked very similar to the ones in those earrings.  I made myself a pair. The rest is history . . . dozens of bead boxes later and a business was born.”

(Photo from Jersey Girl Design).

Browlie is the artist behind the Baltimore jewelry line, Jersey Girl Design. In February 2007, the New Jersey native opened up her shop on Etsy. Even as a child, Browlie knew she would be her own boss.

“When I was younger, I used to hand make all my families Christmas gifts, and sign them ‘JerseyGirlDesign’,” Browlie said. “When the time came to name my business all those years later, I knew exactly what it would be.”

Inspired by her childhood, Browlie loves to use glitter in many of her designs. Having an interest in sparkle is something that this crafter will never let go of. One of her favorite pieces of jewelry she has made involves glitzy glam.

(Photo from Jersey Girl Design).

“I think my new line of earrings are my favorite so far because I make all the components that go into it myself,” Browlie said. “It was a great accomplishment to make them.  They had been living in my sketchbook for about a year, and while I love the gemstones, these glitter dangle earrings are definitely a new favorite.”

Recently, the Jersey Girl Design creator has teamed up with Yummy and Company mastermind, Jennifer Wilifong to make some one of kind items. The two ladies met at a BEST (Baltimore Esty Street Team) event in December 2009 that sparked a need to work with one another.

Yummy & Company and Jersey Girl Design collaboration piece (Photo from Jersey Girl Design).

“Jen and I became fast friends, and we realized we had a lot of good ideas when we put our heads together,” Browlie said. Working as an artist can be a lonely existence with a lot of time spent working alone in your studio. Having a great friend with common goals, and in this case, immense talents makes it so much more fun to put in long days and late nights working on new designs. “

(Photo from Jersey Girl Design).

When the Baltimore crafter isn’t working on new items for her own line or collaborations with Yummy and Company, she is working on custom orders. The first custom order she did was for a co-worker’s daughter’s wedding. She created a jewelry piece using golden Swarovski crystals. Browlie doesn’t just do custom orders in her studio.

“The most recent custom order I got was actually at a show back in early December 2010 for my seasonal candy cane resin rings,” Browlie said. It was a two-day show, and I was able to bring them for her the next day. I always travel with all my supplies, so customization can be made of many pieces of jewelry, even during a show.”


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