Ms. Charm’s Chic Personals: Review of 2010 Goals

I’m not really into setting New Year’s resolutions. So, I do goals for each year.  For 2010, I had five goals. Did I complete them all? No.

Let’s review.

#1 Graduate from College

Me on my college graduation day (Photo taken by my Brother).

I graduated on time and within four years in May 2010! My last semester wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, but I’m glad it’s over. It feels so cool to have something I’ve been wanting since I was 11 years old.

#2 Get a new job.


Job searching can very stressful in anyone’s life. Months and months of rejection can take a toll on you. I learned to keep the faith and just continued to apply. Thank goodness,  something came my way.

In November, I started a part time  job.

#3 Get a permit and go to driving school.

Unfortunately, this is the one goal I did not complete. Financially, it takes a lot to go to driving school and to get a car. I’m still saving up so I will complete that goal before I am like 30.

#4 Blog more often

I am so blogging more often! I blog for Ms. Charm’s Chic three times a week. I blog for ENVI Shoes five days a week.  I get to write my heart out about my favorite topic of fashion.

#5 Change up my style.

I wouldn’t say I completed this goal because it’s more of an on-going goal for me. I love to switch up how I look.  Unfortunately, I have not yet to learn how to sew and I haven’t given a DIY project a try.

If I had to give myself a grade for completing my 2010 goals, I would give myself a B-.

Did you have any goals for 2010?


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