Ms. Charm’s Chic Adventures Part II: Catwalk for a Cause

If you missed reading part one of  “Ms. Charm’s Chic Adventures”, check it out here. Now, it’s time for me to share part two. So, here I go:

On Saturday, I decided to stay in because I had a lot research to do for my job, and a lot of editing as well as writing for Ms. Charm’s Chic.


Fast forward to Sunday, I attended Catwalk for a Cause. The beautiful thing about this event is that it raised money for John Hopkin’s Children Center!

I couldn’t wait for the doors to open so I could see the fashion show that the lovely Lana Rae produced. When I sat down, I picked up my program and noticed that the fashion show would be divided into sections.
Host Erica Kane announcing winners of various prizes (Photo by Paulette Wilson).

Part one was called “Hope” featuring A People’s United, Couture Moda, and Katwalk boutique. I must say that Katwalk boutique was the best out of all three. Every thing that went down the runway was on trend from fur to embellishments and well styled.

Models in clothes from Katwalk Boutique (Photo by Paulette Wilson).
Part two was “Heart” featuring Vincent Lacari, Andrew Nowell Menswear, and Kantankerous Couture. The show stopper of this group would have to be Kantankerous Couture. They presented two collections at once: one inspired by the innovator of fashion, Alexander McQueen and one inspired by medical world. The collections had a kind of Jeremy Scott vibe mixed with some Heatherette.
Model in Kantankerous Couture (Photo by Paulette Wilson).

Part three was “Heal” featuring Syeko, Macy’s INC line, The Arena S Collection, and Kalai Kai by Karen Garalde. As you know, I was there to give my support to Kalai Kai. I think she is an amazing designer in Baltimore that can use her hands to make anything shine. I could not wait to see her debut of her very own clothing line. It was the only part of the show that I recorded on camera so take a look:

Kudos to the fierce and fabulous, Lana Rae for putting on this event and I can’t wait for her to put on another event. 🙂

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