The Crochet Art of Marian Ruth

Indigo Sanders modeling her Marian Ruth Primary and Black Clutch Purse (Image from Indigo Sanders).

Indigo Sanders is a Philadelphian girl at heart living in Charm City.

She loves wearing jeans with her favorite pair of Chuck Taylors or wearing a classic black dress with 4-inch heels.

Whether Sanders is playing the guitar, discovering new music, or dancing like a fool, this 18 year old always has one thing on her mind.

“I started Marian Ruth when I realized my passion for crocheting was just as strong as my passion for being an entrepreneur,” Sanders said. “All my life I knew I wanted to own my own business and be creative. When I discovered I wasn’t to bad at this thing called crochet, Marian Ruth was born.”

In August 2010, Sanders open her crochet line, Marian Ruth on Etsy.

Multicolor Mix Messenger Bag (Image from Indigo Sanders).


The shop features bags, scarves and hats that are handmade with soft acrylic yarn. It was just three years ago when Sanders learned how to crochet.

“For me, learning to crochet wasn’t hard, Sanders said. “It was just difficult to memorize the names of the different stitches. There are many techniques that I love and have yet to learn. My favorite is the triple crochet stitch. I don’t use this stitch that much but when I do its so much fun. I just love all of the turns involved.”

Being able to master the art of crocheting runs in Sanders family.

Marian Lewis, one of Sanders grandmothers, was known for her beautiful crocheting talents. Her other grandmother, Ruth Sanders always embrace unique ideas about the world.

Hence, the name of her line Marian Ruth. Both of her grandmothers inspire her often as she grows as a designer.

Teal Orange and White Headband/Ear warmer (Photo from Indigo Sanders).


“As a designer listening to the stories of how my grandmothers tried to stay away from the norm taught me the importance of not being afraid to try new things,” Sanders said. “Its important to be unique and to have enough self confidence in yourself and your designs. You can not be afraid to take your designs in a new direction.”

Sanders creations are made in a bedroom in her parent’s apartment. She spends two hours to two days completing her designs.

When it comes to color palettes for her Marian Ruth pieces, she looks to things she sees throughout her day.

Autumn Leaves Hat (Image from Indigo Sanders).


“One time I saw an advertisement on a bus and used the colors to make a hat and scarf set, “ Sanders said. “When I see something colorful, I try to put my creative spin on it.”

The Marian Ruth designer also looks to delicious edible items for inspiration as well.

“My three favorite items that I have made so far have to be my Neapolitan messenger bag, my Tomato Eggplant hat and scarf set, and my White Watermelon hat,” Sanders said. “I love all of these creations because they are inspired by food. The ideas for these pieces all came while I was either watching a cooking show or eating. As a foodie at heart its fun to come up with yummy food inspired color combinations.”

Sanders is a young entrepreneur on the rise. She is already thinking about expanding her line to include baby items. It seems like nothing can stop this talented crochet designer.


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