Sun Ah Blair Jewelry: Zen meets Marie Antoinette

Love Yukata Earrings (Photos from Sun Ah Blair Jewelry).

Over a year ago, Amy Sun Ah found herself surrounded by the divine property of Shofuso Japanese House and Garden in Philadelphia.

As Sun Ah sat near an ornamental garden with a koi pond, she became inspired to make her signature Kaide and Kiora pendants.

For this Maryland jeweler, she looks to her travels, cultures, and fashion for inspiration.

Kiora and Kaide Pendants (Photos from Sun Ah Blair Jewelry).


“I love the Asian aesthetic hands down,” Sun Ah. “Victorian style clothing is a close second. I am enamored with both the simplicity of Zen aesthetic and the elaborate luxury of Victorian era fabrics and dress. Bamboo, lace, indigos, florals, I love them all. They come together to make a bold yet feminine statement in my work.”

As a trained metal smith, Sun Ah is able to combine her love of Asian and Victorian styles to create her Sun Ah Blair Jewelry line. She started her line with a nature piece.

“My cute little patterned bird pendant was the first piece born into my new collection,” Sun Ah said. “But I’ve always made wearables and have worked in Polymer since I was a little girl making tiny animals to play with.”

Japanese Dogwood Lookbook Necklace (Photo from Sun Ah Blair Jewelry).

Her days of making toys for herself are long over. Sun Ah spends her days satisfying her customers with new additions to her line and making custom pieces.

One of her favorite pieces of jewelry, Diamonds in the Grass Bracelet started off as a one of kind order that transformed into a Suh Ah Blair Jewelry staple.

“It was originally made for a eco-conscious bride and then it found a home in my full line because of popularity,” Sun Ah said. “The bracelet is hand cut from polymer and then filled with renewable moss and a touch of sparkle. It’s like a sunlit garden on your wrist. It’s just such a unique piece and I adore it greatly.”

Diamonds in the Grass Bracelet (Photo from Sun Ah Blair Jewelry).

Sun Ah is currently working on a charity project with her jewelry and hopes to give back a portion of what she makes to Compassion International charity.

The Sun Ah Blair jeweler is also getting ready for fall craft shows and collaborating with other artists. The long tunic and Vivienne Westwood ring wearing jeweler is looking forward to her next traveling destination.

“I’m preparing to gather new materials in Japan,” Sun Ah said. “Hopefully, I can document some great Japanese boutiques and craft supply shops along the way.”


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