Ms. Charm’s Chic: Event Coverage and Amy Winehouse

As you all know, I was so excited about attending Drive 2 Thrive III.

There were some highlights at the event like being able to see young people giving back to the community, meeting the ladies of Lotty Dotty, getting to see collections from Reco Chapple, Jay Sario, and Carol Hannah, and learning about the Good Fellas of Baltimore.

The sweet and glamourous ladies of Lotty Dotty (Photo by Paulette Wilson).

Reco Chapple with model on the runway (Photo by Paulette Wilson).

By the end of the event, I had taken off  my 4 inch heels and put on my KEDS (yes, I carry a pair of KEDS in my purse. I don’t think it’s weird. My purse is extremely spacious so they fit).

I dashed out of the place like a runaway bride with stylish sneakers on.

I really didn’t have a chance to show off my first ever cocktail dress. The room was pretty dark. Is it traditional to have a cocktail hour in the dark?

I have no idea, but I spent most of my time at cocktail hour playing Solitaire on my ipod.

A little bit off topic . . .

I always call my Miss Bisou Polka Dot shoes (shown above in the slideshow) aka my Amy Winehouse shoes. As we all know, Amy Winehouse has been through her ups and downs.

I’m happy to hear she is doing better.  Check out her 17 piece fashion line for Fred Perry.

My Amy Winehouse collection. Yes, I read Spin Magazine (Photo by Paulette Wilson).

* I just wanted to say that I had to be honest about my event experience. We all have attended events that are just okay.


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