All you need is Mirilovelove

Erin Manness, the designer behind Mirilovelove

It’s just another morning in Baltimore.

She’s making a pot of liquid boost.

Some people call it coffee.

She drinks her morning beverage while answering e-mails and looking through her social media networks.

Once all is done, she starts working on custom pieces that finds it’s home in an oven.

While her jewelry bakes in the oven, she works on illustration commissions.

Usually, she doesn’t stop working until midnight.

Just another day for Erin McManness, the girl behind the up and coming Baltimore jewelry brand, Mirilovelove.

“I started making jewelry last summer after I tried my hand at a clay candy necklace for my 10 year old sister,” McManness said. “It turned out adorable, and I thought, ‘Hey, I could do more of this.'”

While listening to a Disney songs playlist, McManness’s 10-year-old sister sometimes helps her out with making Mirilovelove pieces at the family kitchen table. The material used for this Baltimore based jewelry business is something you can find in a kid’s supplies box.

Summer Magnolia Pendants from Mirilovelove

“I got into using polymer clay, and I haven’t looked back,” McManness said. “It is fairly inexpensive, easy to use, not very messy, and looks great. I feel like I can really put my personal fingerprint on my handcrafted necklaces and rings with clay.”

Aside from using clay to make her pieces of art, she is often inspired by her own style for her Mirilovelove jewelry.

“I would say that I am very feminine, flowery, and colorful, “ McManness said. “I have realized lately that I have a serious love affair with anything floral or French-looking. I think it reflects in the fun and girly products I make.”

Waffle Cookie with Whipped Cream Ring from Mirilovelove (Don't you wish they were edible).

Like any emerging jeweler, the Mirilovelove designer had been on the search for boutiques to carry her line. In September, she found her perfect match in the Towson boutique, Shamelessly Simple.

“Shamelessly Simple has a great selection of gift items,” McManness said. “It also has a quirky and fun style while still being feminine and chic. I think my jewelry fits those descriptions as well. I’m a big believer in treating yourself to something special every once-in-awhile, and Shamelessly Simple has tons of wonderful things to pamper yourself.”

Golden Fall Luxe Leaf and Scrollwork Pendant from Mirilovelove

Now, the Mirilovelove line can be found at a Baltimore boutique and can be purchased on Esty. McManness is gearing up for the holiday season by applying for Baltimore craft shows and working on new products.

“Currently I am developing some Luxe Gold Fall items like pendants and rings,” McManness said. “I am working hard on my custom jewelry for weddings and some for everyday wear.”


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