3 Quick Q’s with Allison Fomich of Tigerlilly Shop

Red Cherry Blossom Ring from Tigerlilly Shop

One of Baltimore’s most popular jewelry lines would have to be Tigerlilly Shop.

For five years, Allison Fomich has been selling her nature infused jewelry made of metal, plastic, latex, leather, vinyl, and fabric on Etsy.com.

“My pressed feather and fern series seem to be really popular,” Fomich. “I take real fern fronds and delicate feathers press and them into the metal leaving a fossil like impression. People respond to the imagery and seem to be coming back for more.”

From August 23 to August 25, Fomich will be participating in Baltimore’s Buyers Market of American Craft and selling her jewelry wholesale for the first time. I had to ask her about getting ready for this cool event, new designs, and her favorite piece she has made.

Pressed Leaves, Handmade Sterling Nature Earrings from Tigerlilly Shop

What is it like to prepare for your first wholesale only event?

While it is a bit daunting, I am looking forward to the opportunity to connect with wholesale buyers in a professional established show. I have been tweaking my wholesale line sheets, revamping my display and getting my photo signage all in order.  I want to be confident as I offer my products to gallery owners who may be familiar with my work online but have never seen it in person. I want to make a good impression and hopefully pick up some new accounts.

What are some new designs you are working on currently?

Tiniest Sterling Acorn Necklace from Tigerlilly Shop

I just launched a new sterling silver acorn line. In the past, I only made one of a kind copper electroformed pieces to offer in my preserved nature line. The addition of the cast sterling acorns compliments the existing line and offers something I can wholesale consistently.

Turquoise Flower Earrings from Tigerlilly Shop

What is your favorite piece you have made so far?

Currently my favorite is an art piece that is a short choker necklace made from various cut out impressions that I linked together into a chain. I call it my Woodland Treasure Necklace because it is made from things one would find and collect on a walk in the woods. The piece is a collection of ferns, cicada wings, maple seeds, and hydrangea petal shapes.

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