3 Quick Q’s with Rachel Bone of Red Prairie Press

Cuckoo Clock Sleeveless Tee (Photo Courtesy of Rachel Bone)

One fashion trend I have notice in Baltimore is the screen print culture.

For over five years, Red Prairie Press has been at the forefront of printing tees and posters thanks to the creator, Rachel Bone.

Bone’s love for the unique screening process began back in 2003 designing a poster for her boyfriend’s band.

“It was a screen printed poster with a man with a pigeon head and all hand-drawn type,” Bone said. “The band was called ‘The Air Kick Pigeon Band.’ I printed about 50-three color posters, tacked them up all over campus. By the next day, it was still a week before the gig, they all had been stolen. I’ve never felt prouder.”

After the kidnapping of her posters, Bone realized that people really wanted her designs and expanded to making apparel.

The Red Prairie Press Table at Artscape 2010 (Photo by Paulette Wilson)

What is your favorite Red Prairie Press piece you have ever made?

Pretty much always the last thing I’ve made. I get really excited for new things. Since screen-printing in bulk involves looking at the same image so many times, I usually get a little sick of the old ones. Currently, the cuckoo clock design is the one I’m most proud of.

How would you describe the place you make Red Prairie Press pieces?

We have an office in the upstairs of our house with a computer, painting table and a map of the world where we pin little pins to show where our T-shirts go. So far, we had 5 of 7 continents, countless countries, and all but one state of the United States. We are still waiting on North Dakota.

Queen Annes Lace Summer Scarf (Photo Courtesy of Rachel Bone)

The entire basement is my screen-printing studio where all the shirts are printed & stored. We try to keep it clean, and separate from the rest of our home, but the two often mix.  Not that bad when you love your job.

How would you describe a typical week at Red Prairie Press?

MORNING: I get up around 7:30 or 8:00 a.m. I walk to get a coffee because it’s nice to leave the house and come back. Feels like I’ve commuted, and I can focus more.  I come back and check emails. Update my Etsy shop and print shipping labels for online orders. Then, I go downstairs and print, or if I don’t have fairs coming up, I work on paintings.

AFTERNOON: In the afternoon, I eat lunch (sometimes with my pal Jen of Cotton Monster) and go to the post office and bank if needed. I work on wholesale orders, and print some more. Even though, I’m on my own and calling the shots, I tend to work around 9 a.m.-5 p.m. most days.

CRAFT SEASON: When it’s craft fair season (Summer, Fall & around the holidays). I work 50-60 hr a week.


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