3 Quick Q’s Round Up: MICA Fiber Grad Skylar Wilson

Over the last six months, I have had the chance to interview so many talented and generally awesome people. Of course, I always don’t have enough room to post everything from my interviews. I introduced you all to Skylar Wilson back in June, but there were a few other great quotes I wanted to share with you.

Skylar Wilson's Just Batty Collage

Who are some designers that inspire you?

Well, I interned with Samantha Pleet last summer.  She’s a great role model and inspiration to me. The same goes for Rachel Antonoff, Geren Ford, Marc Jacobs, Emilio de le Morena, Phillip Lim and Anna Sui. I could go on and on.

It really was amazing interning with Samantha Pleet because the showroom that she showed her line at has a bunch of other amazing designers associated with it. So, every time I’d go there, I’d see their lines also. It was very inspiring. Parlor showroom has so many great up and coming designers.

What do you remember the most from the photo shoot for the “She Came from the Forest” collection?

Photo from Skylar Wilson's She Came From The Forest Photo Shoot (Photo Courtesy of Skylar Wilson)

I remember how it had such a fantasy/fairy tale theme even shooting it. This frog jumped out of the frog pond and decided he wanted to be in this photo with the model lying by the frog pond.

I thought that was just so funny because its like the fairy tales were coming true or something.

What was your favorite class in college? Why?

This is a tough one.  For academic classes, my favorite was Geek Lit, a Literature course about all sorts of freaks and geeks in literature, culture and movies throughout time.

I have always had some sort of weird love of medical oddities, circus freaks, conjoined twins, monsters and just freakish things in general.

Maybe it is because fashion is so much about the body and making things to fit the body that I think drawing away from the norm is beautiful.

To learn more about Skylar Wilson, read her profile story.


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