The Tale of a Hatter and Two Tires

Photo Courtesy of Jasika Scruggs

A year ago, Jasika Scruggs wanted to find the perfect small hat to match a dress for her aunt’s birthday party.

After having no luck of finding a hat in her price range or to fit her vision, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

“The moment I completed it and wore my hat, I was hooked,” Scruggs said. “I knew everyone should have one just for themselves and everyone should be able to afford one.”

After years of being a greeting card writer and invitation maker, Scruggs was ready to start a new venture. All it took was a look outside her door to find the perfect name for her hat line.

“I was writing a post about him for a blog I had for years,” Scruggs said. “When I looked up I saw that both of our bicycles by the door had back flat tires. I thought it was the epitome of us in its oneness, irony and the fact that we can make it through anything together. The name, Two Back Flats,  is a dedication to my husband.”

With the love for her husband as an inspiration, the hat-making brand, Two Back Flats, was born. Now, Scruggs’ brand is becoming a household name in Baltimore.

In May 2010, Accessories and More at the Harborplace started to carry her mini top hats. Scruggs believes that Charm City is a perfect market for Two Back Hat Flats.

“Baltimoreans are fearless,” Scruggs said. “We are “come as you are” people and it never matters if that’s in a baseball cap or a hot pink mini top hat. You can find it all downtown somehow in harmony.”

Now, the Two Back Flats hats are being sold at Love and Glitter boutique of Ellicott City.

“It is so rare to find a shop dedicated solely to handmade goods,” Scruggs said. “I believe so much in the heart of this goal that I’m thrilled to be a part of it. It doesn’t hurt that Old Ellicott City is filled with lovers of history and whimsy.”

Photos Courtesy of Jasika Scruggs

These two venues are different in nature, but both represent the Two Back Flats customer. Scruggs’ hats are for confident women like mothers, brides, performers and artists.

“A woman who wears Two Back Flats loves attention but will gladly give you the hat off her head, Scruggs said. “She loves anything bold, amusing and one of a kind.”

The top hat designer spends seven hours a day creating one of a kind hats in her home studio decked out with instruments and Christmas lights. While she is making hats, Scruggs is dreaming up new ones using materials like silks, satins, and damasks.

“I’m beginning to delve into a more mixed media approach with everything from varnished candy to actual moss. There is still something breathtaking and classic about any of my mini top hats with a large feather, veiling, or both.”

One thing that is close to Scruggs’ heart is providing her customers with the option of making a custom order. In the beginning of June, Jessica Monnich Photography wanted the perfect accessory for a carnival themed wedding shoot in Austin, Texas. Of course, she asked Scruggs to create custom hats for the photo shoot.

“It was such a fun experiment that turned out exactly how I hoped,” Scruggs said. “I created one with cascading pieces of popcorn and peppermints that I individually preserved for days. I love how it contradicts itself in its whimsical yet elegant look.”

Scruggs has gone from a do-it-yourself top hat project to Baltimore’s emerging hat designer all in one year.


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  1. Paulette!

    This is too much! This is so nice and so beautifully written! I can’t thank you enough for the amazing words!


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