Ms. Charm’s Chic Eye Candy: ARTSCAPE 2010


Model in a dress from Studio 2113 boutique (Photo by Paulette Wilson)


For many Baltimoreans, the most wonderful time of any year is Artscape.

You get to walk by miles of vendors like A People United and Red Prairie Press.

You get to see musicians that are locally known and nationally known playing in one place (Shook rocked the stage and the guys looked sexy doing it).

You get to see that Baltimore will always be a community filled with artists.

Of course, I was at Artscape to explore the fashionable side of the festival.

Fashion at Artscape Contest

I could not wait for the third day of Artscape because I was dying to see if Karen Garalde would win the second annual Fashion at Artscape competition.

When I arrived for the event, there was a crowd of photographers standing at the end of the runway and there was no way I could see through them. So, I crawled under the photographers and found a spot near the runway. Here’s my gift to my readers:

If you would like to see each finalist’s collections, then go to Ms. Charm’s Chic TV for more.

P.S. KIS Agency and Iconography Magazine did a wonderful job putting the Artscape fashion shows together. I hope they come back next year to do it again.

DIY at Artscape

You Can’t Go Wrong with Natty Paint


Emily Li Mandri rockin' Natty Paint in her booth at Artscape (Photo by Paulette Wilson).


When I got off the light rail at the Mt. Royal stop, the first thing I had to do was visit Emily Li Mandri of Natty Paint.

Natty Paint is dear to my heart because it was the first fashion line I wrote about on Ms. Charm’s Chic.

Six months ago, I predicted that Natty Paint would switch from a local phenomenon to a national phenomenon.  I must say they are so there.



Inside the Natty Paint Booth at Artscape (Photo by Paulette Wilson).


In the cozy Natty Paint booth, there was plenty of cute spandex dresses, printed rompers, easy to carry totes and signature T-shirts to get your hands on to.

I was so excited when Li Mandri gave me her Summer 2010 lookbook. I do have a few things in the book because I support my local designers anyway I can. I can’t wait to see what Natty Paint will have available for Fall 2010.

Yummy Rings in Purple

Last week, I introduced you to Jennifer Wilfong of Yummy and Company. At Artscape, she debuted the new purple ruffle and floral rings. Knowing that purple is my favorite color, I had to see these beautiful rings in person. Can you say gorgeous?



Yummy and Company table filled with rings at Artscape (Photo by Paulette Wilson).



P.S. DIY at Artscape had so many beautiful things that would surely make you want to spend, spend and spend.  All the vendors were nice and sweet.


7 thoughts on “Ms. Charm’s Chic Eye Candy: ARTSCAPE 2010

  1. Yikes, sorry if I almost knocked you over trying to hand Karen those flowers! I was on a mission and it was a bit of a blur. Congrats Karen! Congrats to all the contestants! They really did go for some unique designs and all had some incredible stuff. A lot of talent there and a lot of time put in making an eco-friendly statement with fashion.

  2. It’s totally fine. I’m so happy for all the contestants because they were able to show that going Green can be fashionable. Congrats to Karen! 🙂

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