3 Quick Q’s: Jennifer Wilfong of Yummy & Company

Yummy and Company Ruffle Ring (Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Wilfong)

Jennifer Wilfong’s days used to be filled with large canvas and presentations at art galleries.

Two years ago, she decided to it was time to make her art into a brand.

Wilfong thought about a word she often used and added on a word to create a brand name.

“Yummy is one of my favorite words,” Wilfong said. “I use it to describe things that I love and get excited about.  ‘& Company’ was added to incorporate the fact that my business is often inspired and encouraged by those around me. I am often helped by my family, friends, and the amazingly creative community here in Baltimore.”

Yummy & Company is a collection of jewelry, fine art, and apparel that are inspired by nature’s different textures and surfaces.

This week, Wilfong will be at DIY at Artscape.  I had the pleasure of asking her about her favorite pieces, her workspace, and her love for show season.

Where do you often find yourself working on pieces for Yummy & Company?

I have studio space carved out at my home, but quite often you can find me working on my porch or outside in my yard.

Some pieces are very methodically made and can take an hour or two. While others are made very spontaneously and organically.

Yummy and Company Heart Necklace (Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Wilfong)

If you could pick one piece from Yummy & Company as your favorite, what piece would you pick?

That’s a tough one. Right now, I really love the new ruffle rings and necklaces.

Yummy and Company Giant Flower Ring (Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Wilfong)

I know that right now is show season. What do you like about show season?

I love chatting with customers at shows.  The feedback is so helpful.

I am lucky enough to have creative shoppers who commission work that otherwise I may not have conjured up on my own! I also enjoy seeing and hanging out with all the vendors.

As an artist, I tend to spend a lot of time alone in the studio so it’s always great to see all of my crafty friends at shows!


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