Boutique Highlight: Alexandra Webb

Inside Alexandra Webb's boutique. (Photo by Paulette Wilson)

Alexandra Webb is a lover of research that has always had a soft spot for gemstones.

As Webb was studying and working in clinical psychology, her house was becoming less of a home and more of a jewelry studio.


Then, a light bulb went off in her head and she decided to open a studio/retail space to work in and to sell her accessories.

Now, Webb has her own jewelry shop in Federal Hill. I had the pleasure of talking to Webb about her new blog, her inspirations, and her craft.

What kind of jewelry do you work on at your studio?

A lot of what I do is custom. I work with the bride and her girls to design pieces based off of whatever they may want. I think that’s what makes my boutique so unique than going to a regular jewelry store because I can pick out the colors they want and I can work on a budget that they like.

How long does it usually take you to make a piece of jewelry?

It really depends. If I’m designing something from scratch, it usually takes longer. If I’m designing something I have done before, it usually takes a little bit of time. Sometimes the designing process can be frustrating for me because I could be brainstorming for an hour and I’m like I haven’t made anything yet, but I get things done.

As you make jewelry, what are some things that you are inspired by or reference?

I’m really inspired by the gemstones themselves. I love gemstones. When I get new gems in, I get really excited. I’m like this will go with that and that will go with that. I try to put things together in my mind. That’s how I work. But, I do sketch for custom designs.

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If you could pick any celebrity to wear your jewelry, who would you pick and why?

I hear Nancy Pelosi wears a lot of jewelry that looks like mine on CNN and it would be cool if it was mine. But, she wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice. I really like Cameron Diaz and Katie Holmes. It would be great to put them into something.

I know you recently started your Baltimore Bride blog, what made you want to start the blog?

I wanted to offer content to my costumers that is relevant to what their interests are and to showcase a little bit of what I do. I have been getting into the bridal side for the last couple of years and I felt it was perfect to do. I hope my costumers like it.

Check out Alexandra Webb’s Blog.

P.S. Webb is currently working on making more eco-friendly jewelry and she is working on an esty shop.


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