3 Quick Q’s: Baltimore Love Project

One of the Baltimore Love Project's murals

Maybe you have spotted the loved themed murals on walls near Mount Washington and Carroll Park in Charm City.

These murals are a part of the Baltimore Love Project created by Michael Owen.

“When I came up with the first drawing of the hands spelling out the word “LOVE” I knew it had to be shown as a mural for this very reason,” Owen said. This image is absent of race, age, gender, sexual orientation and background. I know it could fit anywhere, so why not put it everywhere. The repetition would have more propensity of breaking into lives, if someone saw it more that once. The repetition also makes a statement of unity across the city, that love is not exclusive, but universal and applicable to all.”

The purpose of this project is to inspire people to come together and to spread love around the city of Baltimore.

Guess what, there is a way to help this project in a fashionable way.

Sean Scheidt recently did a photo shoot to promote the Baltimore Love Project T-shirts and I had the pleasure of asking him about his involvement with the project.

How did you come involve with the Baltimore Love Project?

Owen and I have been friends for a few years now. He approached me and asked if I wanted to partner with the organization. I knew a bit about what they were. After going into further detail, I couldn’t resist.

What do you remember the most about the Baltimore Love Project photo shoot?

The shoot was great in every sense. Not only was it productive and I think we did good images, but everyone got along pretty well. There was a real sense of fun and lightheartedness to the shoot.

Why do you think the Baltimore Love Project is important?

I think it’s a pleasant thing to be riding around Baltimore and coming across a consistent visual cue, a reminder, if you will to be more kind, to love. For me, the exciting thing about it is its consistency because the same mural will be painted regardless of neighborhood being rich or poor. Just love.

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Buy a Baltimore Love Project shirt today and support what everyone needs in life aka love.


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