3 Quick Q’s: Jaime Koslow Photographer for South Moon Under

South Moon Under is the only store in Baltimore that is always searching for models to be a part of their online division.

Models are able to work for 1 to 2 days weekly and get paid.

Of course, I talked to the South Moon Under photographer, Jamie Koslow to find out what he looks for in a model.

What do you look for in a model?

The first thing I am looking for is body type. Then, the next thing is the overall look of the model. We try to develop a style.  Considering we have like funky clothes, we try to keep our models in the same look and feel of the clothing.

Why is modeling for South Moon Under a great experience?

It really is a great experience. It’s a low pressure atmosphere. We are all fun. We love our jobs. It’s like a candy shop where you get to come in here and see all these great clothing and work with some really great people.

We really work with everyone on an individual level to help them on their way. If they are doing well and come in here and just do their job. It’s fantastic. Then, they are people that come in here that inspire to be working models and they have such great attitudes and it’s fun to work with them as well.

How can you become a South Moon Under model?

All you have to do is sent an email to mktg09@southmoonunder or southmoonunder68@gmail.com with the following:

-Your Name


-Phone Number




-Full-Length Picture

-Head Shot


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