3 Quick Q’s about Gentei

Take a stroll down Morton St. and you’ll find a cool shop for guys called Gentei.

It’s like no other shop I have seen in Baltimore for men’s clothing. There’s a motorcycle in the center of the shop, skateboards hanging on the wall, and a bike shop right next to it.


The Gentei Crew (From Left to Right) Ben Hittle, Matt Leberman, Oliver Jones, and Eugene Hood


Gentei has been bringing one of a kind Japanese pieces and the street wear to Baltimore for five years.

The man behind this unique shop is Oliver Jones. The tattooed clad Jones builds custom bikes and even sell his own line Cut Rate at his shop.

I talked to Tammy Lee, an employee apart of Gentei crew, about this cool shop for men’s clothing.

What do you think makes costumers come to Gentei?

We have people that come from out of town to specifically Baltimore to shop here. There’s like a worldwide fan base of the shop. Oliver used to live in Japan and have a close tie to Japan. He just got back from Japan a few days ago. Like half of his store is Japanese brand and the other half is street wear stuff. We are the only place that sells stuff like that.

What does Oliver look for when looking for brands for Gentei?

Oliver has his own sense of what he thinks is going to do well. He is always looking six months to a year ahead. He has like a six sense about what will do well and what his customers will want.

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Gentei is more than a clothing store. It’s a lifestyle. What other ways are Gentei involved in Baltimore?

We do a lot of bike stuff. We have to drag races in the fall and spring. We have been doing one lately. We try to provide entertainment for people. We want it to be a community and get our subculture out there. The store used to be hip-hop oriented, but I think we are moving to a motorcycle culture.

P.S.  I must say the dudes that work at this clothing shop are nice eye candy. What girl doesn’t like guys that ride bikes, and skate?


Follow them on Twitter or friend them on Facebook. Gentei is located at 1010 Morton St. Baltimore, MD. The second location is 22 West Allegheny #102 Towson, MD 21204.

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