Boutique Highlight: Whimsy

On South Charles Street, there is only one boutique that was created by mother and daughter team.

Jennifer Solomon and her mother, Patty Pearson, opened Whimsy in 2008.

Recently, Joanna Weymont  joined Whimsy as the new manager.

I decided to visit this lovely boutique and chat it up with the ladies of Whimsy, Solomon and Weymont.

I know you participated in Federal Hill’s Fest of All fashion show, what do you remember the most about that night?

Jennifer Solomon: It was our second year participating.We chose customers to be the models.

Joanna Weymont: It was fun because everyone knows one another and helps to put on the show.

JS: My favorite part is walking down with the model at the end of the fashion show. Once a year, you get to see everyone in neighborhood supporting businesses and people around them.

What makes Federal Hill different from any other shopping distinct in Baltimore?

JS: Federal Hill to me is quirky. It’s like a mini Baltimore. Everyone knows each other and all the businesses work well together.

JW: For the community to stay strong, we have to work together and not work against each other.

What is your favorite Spring 2010 trends?


One of Jennifer Solomon's fave Spring dresses


JS: Prints. Floral prints are everywhere. I am a huge print person anyway. It’s kind of a throwback to the 80s. I love that it’s actually in right now. Mixing prints is another great way of doing the trend.

What are some upcoming events at Whimsy boutique?

JS: Our two year party is May 15.  Last year, we had VIP gift bags for the first 50 people. We were open late and had discounts,

JW: It’s on our to do list to brainstorm ideas

JS: I got some ideas already.

JW: She always has fabulous ideas.

Take a look inside of Whimsy Boutique.

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