Ms. Charm’s Eye Candy: PANOPTIC Part Three

This is the last post for PANOPTIC week on Ms. Charm’s Chic and I’ll never forget this event.

Sarah Koingsburg: Sweet Harmony in Creation

Sarah Konigsburg

As I started to hear coins hitting the floor, I looked around to see where it was coming from. A man with a large black one piece walks down the runway to reveal the designer was living within his garment.

Then, you hear sweet voices singing in harmony as two men walk down with hoofs attached to their embellished costumes.

Koinsburg’s Creation mocked male birth creation myths using the combination of song and costume.

Megan Milostan: Suit Me Up

Megan Milostan

Inspired by the business suit and the symbol of power, Milostan’s The Commute showcases how the suit relates to sports, material, and the body.

Some of my favorite pieces from the collection included: the black suit with the golden panels, the football shoulder shaped top with the creme colored biker shorts, and the crème and blue jacket that was flipped inside out to reveal a dress.

Katie Coble: A Moving Galleria

Katie Coble

Coble’s Roost was a nine-minute performance piece that took me to a magically place where bodies of fabric rearrange and combine to form pieces of wearable art.

As I was sitting only a few feet away from Coble’s collection, I notice the grand craftsmanship of her pieces that combined crochet, knitting, drapery, and layering.

I love seeing the flock of models change their outfits by taking pieces of one another outfits right before my eyes. I will say it again it was just magically.

Jenae Smith: Dedication Through the Jumpsuit

Jenae Smith

Smith was inspired by her grandfather, who was an auctioneer, devoted his life to his career and his family.

Her collection focused on creating alternatives out of the blue-collar jumpsuit that her grandfather used to wear.

With a native vibe, her garments explored the representation of protection and self-reliance. It was superb tribute.

Julia Stone: Who’s the Hero and the Foe

Julia Stone

Stone ended the show with a bang literally with her models getting into battles on the runway.

Embellishment was key in Stone’s Historical Hero and Villain collection created battle jackets with sparkly buttons and created glittery armor mouthpieces.

Stone was inspired by the Great American War Hero mocking five segments of war in America including: Washington, Gage, Polk, Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana, Grant, Lee, Pershing, the Red Baron, Patton, and Hideski Tojo.

I want to thank Valeska Populoh and Susie Brandt for inviting me to this awesome event. All the designers are so talented. I love that PANOPTIC has showcased that Baltimore has great style and great emerging designers.

P.S.  The POST-PANOPTIC party will be held this Saturday, April 10 at 10 p.m. in the CopyCat Building, A 100.


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