Ms. Charm’s Eye Candy: PANOPTIC Part Two

PANOPTIC week continues on Ms. Charm’s Chic introducing you to five more designers that presented their collection at this unforgettable MICA fashion event.

Erin Morgan: Wake Me Up in Morgen

Erin Morgan

Morgan explored the origins of her last name and found out that Morgen means morning in German.

Every garment was centered on the concept of the definition of morning: waking up, a new beginning, and remembering what happen before.

I love the details of the colorful rollers apart of a top’s neckline, the glass bubbles around the neck of the golden yellow and blue knee length dress, and the cascading black fabric against a textured white top.

Erin McAleavy: The Art of a Costume

Erin McAleavy

McAleavy provided a performance piece telling the story of a fisherman and a bear to showcase the relationship between character, physical object, and garment.

Three mountains slowly moved down the runway to form the landscape for the scene. Four men camoflagaged as water dragged down the fishermen in his boat.

It was just lovely to see things in nature become active garments in a full-length story.

Beth Pakradooni: Dancing in the Street

Beth Pakradooni

Pakradooni’s Home collection took the audience back to a time when prints and cute party dresses were the must haves.

Each model danced down the runway in Pakradooni’s designs inspired by paper dolls, furniture, and vintage handicrafts.

As I watched this collection of dresses, skirts, and shorts, I just wanted to get up and dance to the beat.

Marla Parker: Playful in Sweet Cloth

Marla Parker

Parker’s Sweet Somethings combined performance with garments looking like cakes and pastries.

All the models flirted with the crowd even though there hands and arms were in cased or wrapped in fabric.

It was cool seeing how each model helped one another get out of their binds in order to become more free to pass out lollipops, and give kisses.

Come back tomorrow for PANOPTIC: Part Three featuring designers: Sarah Koingsburg, Megan Milostan, Katie Coble, Jenae Smith and Julia Stone.


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