Ms. Charm’s Eye Candy: PANOPTIC Part One

The designers of the Maryland Institute College of Art’s PANOPTIC know how to entertain a crowd.

PANOPTIC was by far the best fashion event I have been to so far in my 22 years.

I decided to make it PANOPTIC week on Ms. Charm’s Chic because I want every designer to have his or her spotlight and I really loved this event.

Aaron Barlow: A Showstopper of Corsets and Lace

Aaron Barlow in his FaceLift Short film

Barlow was the interlude designer of the night popping in and out the show with his mix of multi-media and theater.

He presented three-floor length gowns packed with tulle and lace.

Barlow’s collection focused on the way women alter themselves to impress a man hence the names of Barlow’s sets: Facelift, Augmentation, and The Finale.

I fell in love with the derange nature of his short films and with each of his gowns becoming active parts in silent acting scenes.

Yeji Byun: The Black and White Bow of It

Yeji Byun

Byun revealed her 180 degrees collection with an emphasis on volume and textures in the palette of black and white.

When the first model came out, she stopped at the end of the runway and took white bows out of her skirt pockets. She hooked the white bows to the black skirt of her dress to create a flowerbed of bows.

As the collection progressed, there were textured black vests against white dresses, textured white bolero with a black romper, and a reversible hooded jacket that was white on one side and a sparkly grey on the other side.

Vincent Tiley: Cultural Identities Defined in his Hands

Vincent Tiley

Tiley, who once lived in Japan, wanted to explore the relationship the United States has with Japan within his Osaka Loop Line collection.

Some other garments that caught my eye included: the blue and white arrow print top and the yellow skirt with pink tights finished off with a Hello Kitty head accessory, the pink one shoulder gown with the yellow waist belt and the studded leather jackets with the popped collars.

Julie Cheng: Body Suits and Neon Lights

Julie Cheng

Cheng’s Accupressure showcased interactive body suits inspired by the internal body system and technology.

As the room went pitch black, you could see a string of green light surrounding a chest, red and purple light surrounding a back, blue light wrapped forming of brain, and little white lights blinking against a right arm. It was something truly out of this world and it worked.

Come back tomorrow for PANOPTIC: Part Two featuring designers: Erin Morgan, Beth Pakradooni, Erin McAleavy and Marla Parker.


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