Other Lovely Half of a Fashion Week Original: Pam Haner


From Pam Haner's Fashion Week Collection- Photo by Joe Giordano


Before Pam Haner became a fashion legend in Baltimore, she was just a teenager living in Randallstown, M.D.

With two face piercings and a Mohawk, the fifteen-year-old Haner found herself going to underground venues to explore charm city’s fashion and music scene.

“Going to shows for years, I feel like the fashion culture in Baltimore came from one place,” Haner said.  “I felt like the more underground venues we had, the more underground fashion came out. ”

Haner’s style has evolved from the teenager who had rock star hair and piercings to the woman who wears her signature glasses and vintage garments she finds at the thrift store.

“I love thrift. I can always find good things there,” Haner said. “I can sew so if something is too big you take it in and if it’s too long you hem it.”

Haner loves to wear rare pieces of clothing and accessories. Yet, her collecting of great finds has created a space problem. Haner has found a way to solve this.

“I sell some things on etsy.com because I can’t figure out what I’m going to do with it or it’s something I have from five years ago that’s a 24 inch waist, “Haner said. “I say to myself, girl, you are not going to be that skinny again until maybe I’m an old lady and I shrink.”

Space is a reoccurring theme in this designer’s life. Two months before the first Baltimore Fashion Week happened, Haner and April Camlin where living at Copy Cat building putting their collections together in a very tight corner.

From Pam Haner's Fashion Week Collection- Photo by Joe Giordano

“You would see us working in like heaps of fabric,” Haner said. “I had this like antique old desk I was working on. When I had to use the serger, I had to take the sewing machine off the desk and vice versa. When I had to cut my pattern, I had to take everything off the table. Space was always an enemy”

Despite the amount of room, Haner produced her fashion week collection of garments inspired by the 50s and space age.


“I found like yards and yards of this plaid and wool,” Haner said. “The plaid fabric that I found was really an inspiration for a lot of it. I worked around the fabric because I loved it so much. My clothes in that collection was kind of like how they saw space age era in the 50’s.”

From Pam Haner's Fashion Week Collection- Photo by Joe Giordano

Besides having the honor of presenting at the first Baltimore fashion week, Haner was also the producer of Baltimore Fashion Week in 2007 along with Camlin.

“I like fashion week because it turned into a social event,” Haner said. “It was seven days of people going out to the shows.  It was so awesome to see it come together, then I slept for like a 100 years.”

Haner still finds time to rework pieces that she buys at thrift stores. However, she has taken a break from designing to focus her artwork.

“Instead of sewing, I have been painting a lot and doing art shows,” Haner said. “I’m just working on trying to get more shows. I’m even working on a website.”


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