3 Quick Q’s: Libby Picken

Photo by Joe Giordano

Baltimore’s fashion scene is as colorful and unique as it’s music scene.

Libby Picken of LAZERBITCH always looks stylish whether she is singing on a stage or posing in photos as Diece Boutique’s muse.

Picken is so becoming a style icon in Baltimore.

1. Who are your style icons?

I really don’t look up to anybody. I just read a lot of fashion magazines and wear whatever just works.

2.  I love that your Coquette video is shot in the lovely Charm City. How did you decide what to wear in the Coquette video?

The video is shot with a Red One camera. So, the director requested an outfit that had great color and contrast. The way the red one camera works is that it makes colors pop. The outfit I chose worked really well.

3. I consider you to be one of the most fashionable local musicians in Baltimore. Who is your fave local fashion designer?

I would have to say Shabdiece Esfahani of Diece Boutique.

P.S. Become a fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.


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