Boutique Highlight: Handbags in the City



Owner of Handbags in the City, George Sakellaris

Next to Little Italy in Baltimore, you’ll find the Harbor East shopping district filled with a variety of boutiques.

Handbags in the City is the mecca for high end handbags like L.A.M.B, and Tory Burch in Baltimore.

Of course, I had to chat it up with George Sakellaris, the owner of Handbags in the City to find a little bit more about his boutique.

What made you want to open a fashion boutique?

The reason I decided to open a boutique in Baltimore because of all the new expansion and all the new businesses starting up in Harbor East.  I felt it was time to open a boutique like this.

What brands do your customers like the most?

We carry a large variety of vendors. Most popular is Tory Burch, of course. Walter Baker clothing that they love. Lockheart handbags and Kooba handbags are the most sought after bags. We are the first store in Baltimore to carry MCM. They were big in the 80s and now they are on their new cycle to come back again.

How would you describe the Handbags in the City customer?

The age group of our clientele is basically, from 24 to 60 years old. We have a large age range group of women. We do have a small men’s department as well. They are usually looking for the hottest designer clothing or handbag.

What are some upcoming events you are planning for Handbags in the City?

Usually during the spring and summer months from April to September, we do trunk shows. Different vendors come down to do trunk shows. We have little parties with wine and cheese.

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