Couture has a Closet in Baltimore

It was just six months ago when Jessica Atkins, her husband, and two sons moved into a row house in Baltimore because her husband, who is in the military, was transferred to Charm City.

For last 10 years, Atkins has worked with stylists and collectors in the fashion industry collecting chic masterpieces. But, her husband thought it was time for Atkins to take her fashions out of her home and somewhere else.

“He basically said ‘you need to get all the girl clothes out of my life, ‘”Atkins said. “So, I rented this space out. Initially, it was just to be a studio so I can do what I have been doing, but now it’s a store.”

Atkins’ studio of fashion treasures is the new Federal Hill clothing boutique, Couture Closet. After being told that there wasn’t a market for high-end clothing buyers in Baltimore, she was surprised by the positive reception to her boutique.

“I think it is great that there are a lot of women in the area that actually know a lot about fashion, “ Atkins said. “So, you have the average housewife coming in that knows about Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabbana. It’s a heck of a surprise to me.”

Just like fashionistas that come into Couture Closet, Atkins has a love for fashion as an art form.

“I think clothes is another way to manifest beauty,” Atkins said. “You can carry it around.  It makes you butt look good. I think it’s a lot of joy in it and a lot of hope in it. It celebrates femininity, beauty, grace, and all these very abstract things. That’s what I like about high fashion than clothes that you buy just to make you look cute, they have a point of view.”

At this boutique located on Light St., you can find clothes from designers like Michael Kors, Andrew Gn, Stella McCartney, and Carolina Herrera for an average of 85% off retail. Atkins favorite designer that she carries is Alexander McQueen.

“I have specialized in him for 10 years,” Atkins said. “I think he did the best job in meriting really high art and what is wearable. For all the excess, the craftsmanship is remarkable. His seams are amazing. He is the most fun to work with”

All of the Alexander McQueen pieces at Couture Closet have been purchased except for one piece. Atkins encourages her clients to sign up for the online newsletter to get updates by your size about runway garments that arrive at her boutique.


“We get something new everyday,” Atkins said.  “If I expect the local customer to come in the store and look for things, they will never get the best pieces because the best pieces are taken within hours. When stores send newsletters and updates to women, you tend to get a lot of things that you don’t care about. We have a lot of women who are size 0’s and a lot of women who are size 14. I don’t like to take up space in people’s mailboxes. I want you to see what is there for you.”

P.S. Couture Closet is located at 1003 Light Street Baltimore, MD, 21230 and you can become a fan of this boutique on Facebook.


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