Early Weekend Catwalk Alert: Baltimore Junior League Boutique Warehouse

Junior League of Baltimore's Wise Penny in Towson, MD

Fashion isn’t about being materialistic. I think we all forget that being able to have clothes is a necessity in life.

The Junior League of Baltimore knows this best.

The Wise Penny will host the Junior League of Baltimore’s Boutique Warehouse Sale on Saturday, Mar. 20 and on Sunday, Mar. 21.

The event will feature donated clothes from local boutiques like Whimsy, Nectar Boutique, Fresh! Boutique and Vasarri.

Lindsay Wilson, one of the co-chairs for Boutique Warehouse event, gave me some great info on this community driven event.

What inspired the Boutique warehouse event?

This is our eighth sale. We started in October 2006. The reason we came up with this was to find new ways to raise money for our community program and for betterment of our community.

What are some of your best memories about the Boutique warehouse event?

The best thing is when people are lined up outside waiting for the sale to begin and when the lines are extremely long for the cash register.

How important is to give back to the community you live in?

As a resident of Baltimore City, it is extremely important to give back.

There are a lot of people under privileged living in this city that are right around where we live, where we work, and where we play.

How much money has the Wise Penny raised so far?

Right now, we have raised over 2.5 million dollars so far.

Our Boutique Warehouse sale is held twice a year. The Boutique Warehouse is the biggest fundraiser that we have.

All the clothing donated is from community donations.

P.S. There’s nothing more fashionable than giving back.

Since I was in middle school, I have donated clothes to the Goodwill and other thrift stores in hopes that another young woman will be able to have clothes.

Take some time to look through your own closet and see if you could donate clothes for a good cause.


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