Snapping into Trendy Prints

Photo by Sean Scheidt

Sean Scheidt always considered himself a painter in high school. However, there was one thing he found a bit challenging.

It was painting the human body. Then, he stared to incorporated photographs into his paintings giving his artwork a mixed media quality.

As an undergraduate at University of Maryland Baltimore County, Scheidt made a big move within UMBC’s  art department.

“While in college at UMBC for visual arts, I tried to find a “home” with in the arts department,” Scheidt said.  “So junior year, I became a photography major.  They allowed me to keep experimenting with my photo transfers and paintings. Also, I began to have some interest in the stand-alone photo. By graduation the seed had been planted, as they say, and over the next few years, I considered photography my career.”

Sean Scheidt now has his own fashion photography and lifestyle photography company in Baltimore. Also, he is the photographer behind Julie Bent’s Spring 2010 lookbook for her LOT 201 line.

“I found Julie during some research on the Baltimore fashion scene,” Scheidt. “For the longest time, I really plotted my own path. One day, I decided I sure had better team up with some stellar local talent and produce some work.”

Teaming up with a local fashion designer like Bent was something Scheidt always wanted to do. Mixing his love for photography and fashion comes naturally for this UMBC alumni.

“Fashion appeals to me on several levels,” Scheidt said. “You can freely focus on light, shape and form without always trying to “say something” as larger photographic projects or more personal projects require. Its almost freeing.  Also, I love clothing design. I love  how fabrics and colors lay and flow over a body or a form.  I’ve always just been naturally heading in that direction though I don’t focus solely on it.”

Besides being a fashion photographer, Sean Scheidt specializes in lifestyle photography whether it’s editorial photos or wedding photos.

One of his most memorable shoots was an editorial spot in Baltimore Magazine when he photographed the Tersiguel family, the owners of French Country Restaurant, on their farm.

Scheidt and his crew was given a tour of the farm and prepared a basket of vegetables, herbs, and eggs to take with them. Once the photo shoot was over, the Tersiguel family invited them to a soccer game. But, the family took their charm a little further.

“A few hours later, we prepared to leave and said our goodbyes,” Scheidt said. “Before we took off, they invited us to their restaurant for a six course dinner. They were the most gracious, kind and wonderful people I have encountered on a photo shoot.  The images turned out great, but they really worked well because the family was so kind.  It’s the best part of this job, meeting people

Scheidt is continuing to meet new people with the click of his camera. Inspired by Irving Penn, Sally Mann, and Annie Leibovitz, Scheidt creates images that make people stare in admiration.

P.S.  Do you want to hold Sean Scheidt’s work in the palms of your hands? Well, he has a lovely photo book on sale and you can check it out here.


One thought on “Snapping into Trendy Prints

  1. Good article, one thing about photography is that you either love it and go places or not. Many people take pics and they stay in the camera, but a person that prints them is special.

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