Brush Strokes Transform into Modish Movies

Drury Bynum, photo by Frank Hamilton

Did you know Shine Collective has fashion films? Yes, I said fashion films.

The man behind the camera lens of these  films is actually Jamie Campbell, one of the owners of Shine Collective’s husband, Drury Bynum.

Inspired by filmmakers like Wes Anderson and Martin Scorsese, Bynum uses a DSLR camera to create visually stunning fashion films starring Shine Collective’s muse and vintage wear designer, Alana Madill.

Ms. Charm: What inspired you to start a career in film?

I graduated from MICA a long time ago with a degree in painting. I had always wanted to push the medium and then, I discovered video around the year 2000.

I brought my own video camera. I got one of the first Apple iMacs. It was called the iMac DV. It allowed you to edit video and that’s exactly when I started to become a filmmaker.

MSC:  How do you come up with the story concept for the fashion films?

It was really trial and error. We were a little too ambitious with production money and time. We realize the need to make things simple as possible.

So, we started thinking more of like a photo shoot where you can have a story with a location or a certain time period for the visual theme.

MSC: What is your favorite part of filming; editing, shooting it, or seeing it as a final product?

I like all aspects. But, my favorite is shooting. You’re using your body a lot more. You’re getting creatively active. It’s a real challenge and it’s a real charge.

But, editing is also fasincinating to me as well.

MSC: What do you remember the most about shooting either Travel Noir or Tier Monde?

I shot [Travel Noir] at Penn Station. Using that (DSLR) camera, people thought I was just taking still pictures.

So, no one really knew I was shooting a movie there. No one was even paying attention.

But if I was in there with a video camera, they would of probably not let me do it.

Here is Bynum’s most recent video about Alana Madill’s new vintage line:

P.S. Bynum told me that more fashion films are coming so look out for them on Shine Collective’s website and his website.


One thought on “Brush Strokes Transform into Modish Movies

  1. I used to shop at Shine Collective before they got super expensive.. I recognize the girl in the film..Alana..she used to be a cashier there, thats cool they use her for their films.

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