Mi Casa Mi Studio: Introducing Dyanne Marte of Dennya

A signature Dennya Jersey Wrap Dress

Dyanne Marte, the designer behind the Dennya clothing line, gave me a mini tour of her two- floor home studio.

After the tour, we had a fun conversation about about her life as a designer and a fashion design professor.

Ms. Charm Chic: What sparked you to go into fashion design?

Dyanne: I actually wanted to be an architect. I was going to Savannah College of Design and I worked on a gown.

I modeled it for the fashion department.  Then, a fashion design professor asked, ‘What are you studying?’ I said, ‘architecture, but I also stitch and I sew.’

I showed her some of my pieces and she told me that I need to be there. So, I switched my major.

MSC:  How much time do you spend in your studio?

I spend at least 60 hours a week whether it’s working online for research, or working on sketches and designs.

MSC: How would you describe a typical week in your life?

Everyday is different. I really like that. I can set up my own schedule and timetables.

I do teach at the Baltimore City Community College part time and I also teach at Community College of Baltimore County part time.

Basically, I have free reign so I design and I do a lot of research, I also pay attention to pass sales.I look at my sale logs to see what’s been selling really well for me so I can plan for my upcoming collection.

MSC:  What is one piece of advice that you always tell your students?

If you take advice from anyone, take it from people who have done it longer and have done it better than you have.

A lot of people are going to say things to you and I constantly get the noise.

I literally go to my mentors who have been in the industry for over 30 years. They give me the best advice.

From Deynna Fall 2009 Collection

MSC: What can you tell us about your Spring 2010 collection that you are currently working on?

This spring is more sportswear inspired, more urban inspired with a little bit of grit. I’m excited because it’s going to be with a girly element. This season, I want every piece I am designing in the collection.

P.S.  You can become a fan of Dennya on Facebook.


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