Escape Route to Lot 201

The Gathered Dress Photo by Sean Scheidt

At last year’s Artscape, the Baltimore City Community College showcase was a highlight at the festival.

Students and alumni of the BCCC fashion program had a chance to exhibit their designs for thousands of fashionable eyes to see.

One of the designers that had that chance was a BCCC recent graduate, Julie Bent.

“Artscape is just fun,” Bent said. “I was hanging out most days anyway listening to music and shopping the vendors. Participating in the fashion show was an added bonus. The fashion shows have been a growing aspect of Artscape for a while now. It was very organized and we had a great turnout for our BCCC show.”

Before Bent made a statement at Artscape, she was a fashion student learning how to improve her design skills and figuring out her designing niche.

“I was taking classes in textile design and I was really impressed with the results of screen-printing with thickened dyes,” Bent said. “This process has very interesting results because the printed image is part of the fabric versus being on top of the fabric.”

Aside from evolving from a screen printed to hand dyed apparel, Bent wanted her LOT  201 clothing line stand out a little bit more by working with measurements of a 36” bust, 30” waist, and 40” hip.

“Essentially, I am drawing from the scale used to create what you might find in shops marked as a size 6 or 8, but adding a little more room to the waist and hip measurements,” Bent said. “I just felt this was necessary and that there are plenty of women out there that will be very pleased with the way my garments fit the body.”

From Julie Bent's LOT 201 Spring 2010 collection Photo by Sean Scheidt

The BCCC alumni has recently debuted her first ready to wear collection for Spring 2010. Bent is excited about showcasing her collection at a local art studio.

“On the first of the year, I moved into the Oliver Street Studios located at 405 Oliver Street,” Bent said. “Coincidentally, Area 405 was in the process of making a new show of the studio artists and gallery volunteers. I love that I can show my work as part of a gallery show. I think fashion is just as much an art form as painting or sculpture.”

The Area 405 Hive show will run from Feb.21 to Mar. 27. Area 405 is opened every Sunday from noon to 3 p.m.

Aside from exhibiting her work, Bent has been appointed Alumni Liaison of BCCC and is working with BCCC as a producer for their Annual Spring Fashion Show. But, Artscape 2010 is always on her mind.

LOT 201 Cut Out Dress Photo by Sean Scheidt

“I’ll be hanging out at Artscape 2010 for sure and probably will even hit up the runway again,” Bent said. “I am interested in doing another fashion show at Artscape. I have a few ideas for some summer themed outfits and I potentially want to collaborate with another designer. Only time will tell, if I can produce a summer collection to showcase before July.”


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