BREAKING NEWS: First Baltimore Retail Week

Christine Carter (Left) on Channel 2 News

Christine Carter, a former writer for Baltimore Examiner, has turned her love for shopping and local businesses into the retail marketing firm, Epps Consulting.

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking to her about the marketing side of fashion and about Charm City’s first retail week.

Mrs. Charm: How would you describe a typical day at work?

Christine Carter: A typical day at work involves visiting retailers around Maryland and D.C. to meet with the store owners and “diagnose” their marketing problems.

It’s a great opportunity for me to see the retailer’s products and employees in “their natural habitat”. After our meeting, I take my notes and develop a marketing plan with the store owner to determine what Epps Consulting services will fit their needs.

MSC: How important is social media marketing?

CC: To many retailers, social media marketing is a fad, however it is my job to show them the importance of communicating with their customers online.

Social media allows the retailers to reach a new avenue of shopper, the educated, active consumers who research products and rely on the opinion of others before they make a buying decision.

MSC: How important is it for local businesses in Baltimore to have the right kind of marketing tool?

CC: Local businesses are competing with the marketing budgets of big-box stores.It’s important to understand their customers and discover the best way to contact their customers.

We help each client find their personal style when it comes to communicating with clients; this process helps to increase their customer feedback and thus, increase their revenue.

The Official Baltimore Retail Week Logo

MSC: What can you tell me about your big project, Baltimore Retail Week?

CC:  The biggest project right now is Baltimore Retail Week. Epps Consulting is partnering with Downtown Partnership of Baltimore to offer tax-free shopping April 16-25!

This is a BIG project for the city of Baltimore that focuses on promoting the small business retailer around downtown.

All the participating retailers are going to have free parties, free giveaways, and additional discounts all that week. It’s a fun promotion to drive shoppers Downtown during an otherwise slow time of year for retailers.

P.S. If you are interested in participating as a featured retail, you can email Christine Carter at


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