Having a Fashionable Dish with Emily Li Mandri of Natty Paint


Emily Li Mandri, the designer of Natty Paint



For the first time this weekend, I took a stroll down the fashion avenue in Hampden to meet the designer of Natty Paint, Emily Li Mandri. We met at Common Grounds to discuss her Natty Paint line and her current collection. Here are a few lines from our candid conversation.

Ms. Charm Chic: Who are the people behind Natty Paint?

Emily Li Mandri:

I am the designer and I work with four fashion design interns. I have a creative director, Ximena and she works with two marketing interns.

We have a few models we use. Lot of the staff we actually use as models. They are really attractive. It just happened. I guess if you work in fashion it’s just combined. I have some friends that I use as models too.

MSC: I know you did a photo shoot for your Spring 2010 lookbook recently. What do you remember the most about the photo shoot?


Behind the Scenes look at Natty Paint's Photo Shoot



EM: It was really long and really cold. It was twenty degrees outside. All the girls were in dresses and it was kinda miserable. It started at 8 a.m. and ended at 9 p.m. It was a lot of work.

It was  kind of how I would imagine Project Runway is. It’s like how I would imagine getting ready for fashion week is. It’s preparing a whole look.

It’s just not the dress. You have to think about shoes they are going to wear, the tights, the hair, and the jewelry. It’s a process, especially when you have 25 looks. It was a 3-week preparation for the photo shoot.


Turquoise Reworked Vintage Cape with Silkscreened Honeycombs Design


MSC: Have you started thinking about ideas for your Summer 2010 line yet? If so, what can you tell us?

EM: There’s going to a lot of bright geometric stuff. Some of it’s going to be vintage. I actually brought a bunch of fabric from Africa. It’s really bright and geometric.

I got it when I was in New York about a month or two ago. We are going to be making a lot of rompers and onesies. We are going to be making capes, too.



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