3 Quick Q’s: April Camlin

April Camlin

Now, you know a little bit more about April Camlin, a key player in the history of Baltimore’s fashion scene. I recently had the pleasure having a fashion one on one talk with her.

Here’s Part One:

Ms. Charm: How would you define the Baltimore fashion scene?

April Camlin:  When I was doing fashion shows in [Baltimore], I really like that most of the designers I worked with were self-taught like me.

We didn’t have college degrees, and every garment was a testament to the trial-and-error process.

I think that Baltimore definitely has its own style. But, I think it is defined by the people that are living and creating [fashion] and not by stores.I think it is a style that is gleaned more from the thrift store than the boutique.

There are so many people doing and making interesting things. The pieces they are making are fleeting and underappreciated, but are still out there in the universe.

I hope that makes sense, it’s hard to define something that has no parameters.

Inside of Shine Collective boutique

MSC: What were some of your favorite places to shop around Baltimore?

AC: I never really had a lot of money so I didn’t get to purchase things from boutiques at all.But, I really respect what the Shine Collective is doing.I love Ten Car Pile Up in Towson.

The thrift stores are pretty picked over, but you can find some gems.My shopping experience is going to a thrift store and grabbing a bunch of things that I can alter into something new.

I don’t really buy a whole lot of brand new clothes.

MSC: If you could dress any person in the world, who would you love to style?

AC: Bjork. Hands down.


4 thoughts on “3 Quick Q’s: April Camlin

  1. Thanks! I really like that about her and her designs are beautiful. She is inspired by the Middle Ages and Sci- Fi films and she makes the most gorgeous gowns.

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