Charm City’s Chicest Hill

Cities like New York, and Los Angeles are considered major fashion meccas.

What about Baltimore?

Our explosion of local fashion designers are impacting the fashion industry such as Christian Siriano and Stevie Boi.

Our emerging boutique market keeps growing from specializing in organic clothing to plus size clothing.

I think it’s time to define the fashion scene of Baltimore.

Ms. Charm’s Chic will be your fashion highlight reel for everything that is fashionable in Charm City.


One of Baltimore’s fashionable neighborhoods is going to put on a fashion exhibit.

Babe a Boutique owner, Lisa Ponzoli, will organize the Third Annual Fest-of-All Party and Celebration of Everything Federal Hill’s fashion show.

On Feb. 27, some of the Federal Hill’s local favorites including Amy’s Boutique, Couture Closet, M Salon, and Morstein Jewelers will be providing models, clothing, accessories, make-up, and hair for the fashion show.

The Federal Hill fashion show is a great way to encourage Baltimoreans to buy locally.

I think it’s better to have a one of kind piece from a boutique or from a local designer than a piece from a department store that a million others have.

To learn more about the Federal Hill Fest-for-All event and to buy tickets, click this link.


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