Writer’s Heart with a Touch of Knit: Twigs & Wool

20 Mar

Last year, Corrine Nadine Gasiorowski graduated Towson University with an English degree and found a job as a technical writer within a month’s time. However, she had a desire to make an outlet for the other sides of her creativity. 


“I needed to do something that was just for me,” Gasiorowski said. I never set out with any sort of business plan. If I know anything, I learned it day-by-day. My knitting has always been something that I just did for fun and for gifts; it never seemed like something that others would appreciate to the degree that they have.”

The first item sold by the Twigs & Wool designer was a grayish-purple towel with metal, flower buttons from Bottle of Bread. 


“It was a very rough design and it would mostly fit a child, but a very petite woman fell in love with it for the craftsmanship at the first Bmore Flea I attended,” Gasiorowski said. I took that sale into consideration as I made modifications to what I had in mind for this past season. She liked the high quality of the cowl more than anything else, so that’s what I try to focus on with each modification I make.”

2014victoria_midnight2 (1)

With signature items like the “Emma Cowl”, the “Vivienne Beanie” and “Victoria Fingerless gloves”, Twigs & Wool is becoming a knitwear go-to in Charm City. Gasiorowski’s knit line can be found in local boutiques like Doubledutch and Bottle of Bread. 

“All three of these stores have one thing in common: they value well-made handmade goods,” Gasiorowski said. It is so easy to engage in fast fashion and stuff that is inexpensive and poorly made at the expense of someone overseas whom you will never meet. These stores understand the intrinsic value that good handmade goods will always have. For this, I am very grateful because they took a chance on helping me make my little knitted dream a reality.” 


As the colder temperatures began to disappear, the Twigs & Wool creator is already thinking about plans for spring. 

“Some stuff is still under wraps as I am working on the logistics,” Gasiorowski said. But am going to be making air plant baskets that can be hung individually or purchased with a stand to display them…great addition to your desk environment.”


“Read a book, wear some knits, and pet a cat. Not necessarily in that order.”  -Corrine Nadine Gasiorowski 


ETSY: http://www.twigsandwool.etsy.com

FACEBOOK: ( https://www.facebook.com/twigsandwool

TUMBLR: http://twigsandwool.tumblr.com)

INSTAGRAM: ( http://www.instagram.com/twigsandwool)


MICA Fashion Week 2015: Time Lapse, the 22nd Annual Benefit Fashion Show, and MEDIUMRARE, An Experimental Fashion Event

20 Mar

IMG_3279 copy

Time Lapse, 22nd Annual Benefit Fashion Show

This year’s Annual Benefit Fashion Show presents an opportunity for viewers and participants to discuss the elements of evolution, an endless process in the developmental growth and adaptation over time, continuing through natural order.  Time Lapse also allows student- artists and designers to expand on ideas and events of the past, discover how they reoccur in the present and predict patterns of the future. It is a chance to re-interpret historical themes and evolving fashion.

IMG_3282 copy

Proceeds from the 22nd Annual Benefit Fashion Show help support students involved in diversity programming and scholarly pursuits through the Office of Diversity & Intercultural Development, which sponsors the show. The event is one of many ways MICA continues to provide comprehensive diversity programming that supports the students’ academic and social needs.

Tickets cost $20 available at the MICA Bookstore, 1200 W. Mount Royal Ave. and store.mica.edu.

Limited tickets will be sold at the door for $10.



Jeremy Cain ’15 (General Fine Arts BFA), Carly Carlock ’15 (General Fine Arts BFA), Caroline Creeden ’16 (Fiber BFA), Erin Dowd ’17 (Fiber BFA), Camille Hallin ’16 (Fiber BFA), WuQing Hipsh ’16 (Interdisciplinary Sculpture BFA), Ashley Lian ’17 (Fiber, Humanistic Studies BFA), Kevin Lowenthal ’16 (Fiber BFA), Sarah Middleton ’17 (Fiber BFA), Skylar McCormick ’16 (Interactive Arts BFA), Amanda Perkins ’17 (Graphic Design BFA), Ursula Populoh ’15 (Fiber BFA), Arooj Qamar ’16 (Fiber BFA), Michael Quednau ’17 (Graphic Design BFA), Sebastian Ruiz ’18 (Architectural Design BFA), Jesse Satterfield ’15 (Fiber BFA), Cindy Stauffer ’15 (Fiber BFA), Molly Sydnor ’15 (Fiber BFA), Luca Tanaka ’18 (Interdisciplinary Sculpture BFA), Leslie Xia ’15 (Graphic Design BFA), Hennie Yeh ’15 (Graphic Design BFA) and Kat Zotti ’17 (Fiber BFA).  Director: Sydnor.  Assistant Director: Natovian McLeod ’15 (General Fine Arts BFA).  Graphic Designers: Amadeus Guchhait ’15 (General Fine Arts BFA), McCormick and Xia.  Media: Winston Frazer ’16 (Painting BFA) and London Zhang ’17 (Painting, Graphic Design BFA).  Production: Stella Lee ’16 (Fiber BFA) and Khadija Adell ’15 (Interdisciplinary Sculpture BFA).



MEDIUMRARE, An Experimental Fashion Event


IMG_3283 copy

For the 2015 Experimental Fashion Event, artists and designers from MICA’s Fiber Department Multi Media Event class work collaboratively to transform Baltimore’s Lithuanian Hall into a venue for innovative fashion and costume design.

During the annual event, students present their individually crafted garment-based works, pushing the boundaries of fashion and art. The fashion event represents a variety of concepts and skill sets, with work speaking to the performative nature of fashion and the merging of the runway, the stage and the theater of the streets. The evening will involve more than 200 people, including designers and their hand-selected models and performers.

Tickets cost $7 available at the MICA Bookstore, 1200 W. Mount Royal Ave. and store.mica.edu.




Lo Ashford ’16 (Fiber BFA), K.T. Bierman ’15 (Fiber BFA), Moon Choi ’15 (Fiber BFA), Christianna Clark ’15 (Fiber BFA), Ronesha Davis ’15 (Fiber BFA), Elise Drake ’15 (Interdisciplinary Sculpture BFA), Izzy Garcia ’15 (Fiber BFA), Sara Keller ’15 (Fiber BFA), Katie Kocur ’15 (Fiber BFA), Karyn Lao ’15 (Fiber BFA), Aqeel Malcolm ’15 (Fiber BFA), Kurina Sohn ’15 (Fiber BFA), Cindy Stauffer ’15 (Fiber BFA), Molly Sydnor ’15 (Fiber BFA) and Kai Ge Xing ’16 (Fiber BFA).  Graphic Designer: May Kim ’16 (Graphic Design BFA).


The One a of Kind “Switch Purse” Giveaway

14 Mar


Ms. Charm is teaming up with the lovely Jill of Switch Purse to giveaway one of her amazing purses!


A little background: The Switch Purse is a reversible purse that gives you two purses in one! It’s a

crossbody fabric purse that comes with a removable, washable liner. All you do is turn it inside out,

replace the liner and you get your second purse! 


How do you enter to win?

Guess what! There are two ways to enter!

FACEBOOK (Must like Ms. Charm’s Chic and Switch Purse Facebook Pages)

 When you see a graphic like this . . .



Leave the following comment: I WANT TO WIN A SWITCH PURSE! (mention  favorite two colors or two prints)


Example: I WANT TO WIN A SWITCH PURSE! Animal Print and Stripes! 



OR, INSTAGRAM (Must follow Ms. Charm’s Chic @mscharmschic and Switch Purses @switchpurse on Instagram)


When you see a graphic like this . . .


Leave the following comment: I WANT TO WIN A SWITCH PURSE! ( favorite two colors or two prints) Be sure to @mscharmschic and @switchpurse when leaving a comment.


Example: @mscharmschic @switchpurse I WANT TO WIN A SWITCH PURSE! Purple and Pink!



 Here are the Switch Purse fabrics available for your customized Switch Purse: 

The giveaway will start on March 15  and end on March 27. 


Good luck everyone! And a special thanks to Jill of Switch Purse for making this giveaway possible!


XO Ms. Charm



P.S. Here’s the small print about the giveaway…

  • You must like Ms. Charm’s Chic and Switch Purse on Facebook. OR, you must follow @mscharmchic and @switchpurse. YOU ARE ALLOWED ONE ENTRY on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM. You can not have an entry on both FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. 
  • This contest is open to Maryland residents.
  • Winner will be contacted via message on Facebook or by email. If our team does not hear back
  • within 24 hours, a new winner will be selected in your place.
  • Limit one comment per entry. Multiple comment entries will not be considered.

 FullSizeRender copy

*Prize will be shipped from Switch Purse.

Vogued in Fate: John Tillery

7 Mar
In essence, we all go through the struggle of figuring out our destiny. We all seek one thing that will give us fulfillment in life. Its that something that can developed into a real passion. Or, become a new adventure that you never want to end. 
John W. Tillery III ventured into painting, clay works, poetry, comic book illustrating and music before he was drawn to his destined art form. 

One on One with Matt Mindel of Fed Thrill Sunglasses

7 Mar

Do you know about Fed Thrill Sunglasses


Ms. Charm had the pleasure of chatting it up with Matt Mindel, a co-owner of Fed Thrill Sunglasses to the 411 about the brand. Also, she tried out a few of sunglasses herself.  


Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I went to University of Maryland for undergrad and have a grad degree from Loyola. I have always had the desire to be an entrepreneur and have a passion for sunglasses. My partner and I started planning about 3 years ago and just hit our 2 year anniversary as active Sunglass Company. We specialize in stylish polarized sunglasses, with customer service as our number one priority. We named the company Fed Thrill after the neighborhood that we love to so much, and to the entire city of Baltimore.


What inspired you to create the Fed Thrill brand?

My business partner and I had always struggled between two choices. We would either have to overpay for high-end brands which we would inevitably lose or break, or go to a gas station for cut rate cheap sunglasses that weren’t very good quality. We asked the question, why we can’t find a stylish pair of sunglasses that has good quality without breaking the bank. That is how Fed Thrill was born.


What was the first item you made for Fed Thrill? How has your designs evolve since your first item? 

The first line of sunglasses we came out with, we called our elite line. It was a classic wayfarer style. After the first year, we decided to make several up-grades, and then released our Fulton line of Wayfarers to replace the original elite line. We added a spring hinge which helps fit better with any size head, as well as add to the durability since the spring takes pressure off the frame when it is on someone’s head. We also updated the logo on the side to a metal logo on both sides (previously had screen printed on one side). Finally, we decided to focus our attention on the lens and making every pair polarized.


What is one thing you love about owning  Fed Thrill? 

My favorite part of running Fed Thrill is whenever I see a pair of Fed Thrill sunglasses on a complete stranger. Whenever someone first starts a company, your only customers are friends, family, and friends of friends. We are now to the point where we are shipping them all over the US, and even shipping some internationally. A vast majority of our clients have no personal connection to my co-owner and me. It is a great feeling that people are enjoying the sunglasses all over. Sometimes I will go up to someone I see wearing a pair and just say “nice sunglasses” and they usually respond, saying something like “These are Fed Thrills, you should check them out” or “I love these sunglasses” without having any idea who I am.


What are your top three favorite items from Fed Thrill?

I really like the Matte Tortoise pair that we offer, since its classic, but the matte version is not that common. I love rocking the purple and orange pairs to represent my favorite sports team. I am the type of person who loves making custom pairs for every event. I love that we are able to offer our customers a custom option and they can match a pair with every event, outfit, or mood.


What are your plans for Spring 2015?

We have several plans for the upcoming year to continue our growth. We have recently begun a campus rep program where we have hired students from a variety of colleges who have a chance to be a part of the fed thrill team and spread the brand across the country. We also plan on working on getting into many boutiques and stores this coming spring. We will be selling at Floaters pool bar, Capital SUP in Annapolis, and Pixilated photo booth has already signed on to carry our line in their cross street location that I believe they are planning to open in April. We are in talks with several other stores that want to carry our products. You can also look for us at some of the federal hill street festivals, tailgates, and other events in the area.

We are also planning to expand our line by adding more styles and colors to our brand. Be on the lookout for Aviators this summer as we plan to be releasing them this year. We are also always welcoming suggestions from our customers for things they want to see from Fed Thrill.


Anything else you like to share? 

I have been blown away at how quickly our company has grown and interacting with our customers. We started out selling to just a few close friends and now we have connected with people in all 50 states. We have also shipped to Australia, England, Argentina, and several other international destinations. We hope to be another one of the great companies that can put help put Baltimore on the map. We always have our ears open and welcome feedback, suggestions, and want to know what people want when it comes to looking great and having a stylish option that doesn’t break the bank. People work hard for their money, and we want people to have a better option than $200 high-end brands.


Love the sunglasses that Ms. Charm is wearing! Peep them here:


Standing Boldly: Moon. Flower. Child.

1 Mar
Can you imagine your first fashion design project being your mother’s black tie gala dress at age 7? 
Well, Juilana Juby  Yasmine‘s talented lttle fingers created a graphic cut dress made from fuchsia,  turquoise, and rainbow fabrics. 

“I laugh at it now, and am amazed that she actually wore it,” Yasmine said.  
It was this spark of fashion genius that would later influence Yasmine to study fashion and painting at Savannah College of Art & Design. But, the British native of French, Russian, American and Egyptian heritage transferred to Parsons Paris to finish her fashion design degree.  

“I graduated in 2013 after doing a couple of runway shows in Paris,” Yasmine said. I moved to Hawaii after that where I truly started to push myself to begin making and vending in my free time. I now live in Baltimore and have a growing fashion brand with an etsy store that is always in progress.”

Moon Flower Child is a fashion brand inspired by subject matters like nature, cultures and music with a bohemian flare. Each garment embodies the motto: “Stand boldly as someone different”. Her eye-catching designs are composed in her apartment that is often surrounded by yarns, needles and other findings. 

“I am organized messy,” Yasmine said. I have inspiration photos on the walls and racks of clothes I’ve made in each room. There’s music and a vast choice of records and movies to keep the making rolling.”

Beyond the walls of her creating space, Yasmine spends time in places like museums, Barnes & Nobles and other independent book stores to find inspiration for clothing and jewelry. Of course, she returns to her home studio to sketch ideas for shapes and silhouettes.

“Once I have the designs, I drape them,” Yasmine said. In this very technical process, sometimes the design changes. It might not even make sense from the drawing to garment of how the girl is supposed to put it on. Once this is established the pattern making begins and I secretly actually really enjoy this stage. Rulers, pencils, scissors…paper everywhere! Time to cut out the fabric and get sewing. Sometimes 
what I am making is so large it doesn’t fit on my desk so there’s a little yoga-sewing that takes place on the floor to get things done.”

On January 28, Moon Flower Child made its Raw Baltimore debut at the Creative Alliance. The runway show consisted of goth and aztec

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Raw Baltimore 2015: Grandeur on March 12

22 Feb

RAW BALTIMORE’S 2015 season continues with Grandeur on March 12 at the Creative Alliance from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Each monthly event features film screening, musical performance, fashion show, art gallery, performance art and a featured hairstylist or makeup artist.

*CALLING ALL ARTISTS!  The time to submit your work for their April showcase at @The Creative Alliance is NOW! Submit your work at http://www.rawartists.org/baltimore





To view more information about the artists, click here.


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