Looking Back Series 2015: Tracey Beale

20 Nov
There is more to Tracey Beale than being a social media force behind one of Charm City’s popular shopping event, Boulevard of Chic (BOC). By day, she is figuring out social media marketing strategies for the BOC brand. By night and weekend, she is committed to  something she can’t even shake if she could.
“It’s funny I never really decided to pursue jewelry,” Beale said. I feel like it found me and I’ve never been able to shake it. It’s kind of like a man meeting the love of his life and no matter how many times she turns him down he continues to pursue her, until she says yes. That’s the connection I have with jewelry. It feels like it constantly pursues me. In art school I learned about the cultural and historical significance of jewelry and that fascinated me but, it wasn’t  until years later that I made my first piece. Even then I thought it was just a one time thing.”
Beale has been married to metal and jewelry making for more than 15 years.  Her brand is simply called Tracey Beale Jewelry was started when she had the task of creating a custom birthday gift for a coworker.
“It was a long, beaded necklace with a large, gemstone pendant that I’d wrapped in silver wire,” Beale said. She loved it and so did everyone else. Next thing you know I’m making custom necklaces. Even though people were buying jewelry from me I didn’t consider it a business or a jewelry line. It was just something I did. That was over 15 years ago. Throughout the years my style has evolved into mostly metalwork. One thing that hasn’t changed is my unconventional approach to design and construction. I like to try new things and I embrace ‘mistakes’.”
         The Twisted ring, Effected bangs and most of the leaf style earrings have become some of her favorite pieces to make. As the
         fall fashion season is quickly approaching, Beale wants to explore new techniques and methods for producing her work.10371998_1578244285724530_5679325657621080279_n
“I think artists are some of the most courageous, and craziest people in the world,” Beale said. I’m proud to be member of the tribe.”
Learn more about Tracey Beale’s Jewelry here: https://www.facebook.com/Traceybealejewelry

Looking Back Series 2015: Giselle Melrose

20 Nov
How did Ms. Charm meet Giselle Melrose?
Back in 2013, Ms. Charm had the important and huge task of contacting all the Raw Awards Nominees for Raw Baltimore. At the time, Giselle Melrose was focusing on the artistry of hair and had been nominated as a Hairstylist of the Year. She was a pleasure to interview.
Of course, we have seen each other around town on many occasions throughout the years. Now, Giselle Melrose is emerging makeup artist often collaborating with great local photographer, Syranno.
I always wanted to give Giselle her very own feature on Ms. Charm’s Chic. And here it is!
Say hello to Giselle Melrose, the Baltimore make-up artist on the rise.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. 

Well originally my name is Virginia Smith and I am a Baltimore Native! I am 25 years old now (just had a b-day lol) and my primary job is a sales associate at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I am owner of two cats, Augustine and Mongo and 2 turtles, Dale and Brennan. My favorite movie to date is Vampire In Brooklyn and my favorite food is salmon. I have been a makeup artist for almost 4 years and I’ve been a hairstylist for 5 years.
What inspired you to venture into make-up? 
To be honest anything can spark some creativity in me. I am constantly on social media, whether on the morning on my way to work so it really doesn’t take much. I work in a beauty supply store as well so I meet people of all walks of life and that definitely helps with that. My store caters to everyone including professionals so I am always swapping advice and ideas with people which will later lead  a makeup post later on or a blog post to my site.
Who was the first person you tested your make-up skills on? What do you remember about your first time doing make-up?
My first makeup client was actually a model for a photo shoot. She wanted a smokey eye a nice lip and I had only been out makeup school maybe 3 hours lol! What I remember most about that was it was soooooo heavy handed and dark. I was never so excited to do makeup in  my life but afterwards I realized it was a bad idea..
3 Makeup products every women should own
  • A Great Nude Lip Stick, something that she can dress up or down
  •  A Volumizing Mascara because we can’t always run a get lashes
  • A Great Full Coverage Foundation because without it makeup will take a lot longer lol
Describe your personal style.
I am a pretty laid back person 40% of the tome do to work BUT when i can you can call me Mariah Carey! I am always in heels if I can and I love a great statement piece that I can dress up or down. Makeup wise is a different story, if i could I would wear glitter and a dramatic eye everywhere I would but there’s never that much time before work. But I guess to sum up my style would have be in one word….FUN!
Instagram: https://instagram.com/_themelroseexp/

Style House Clutch Giveaway

14 Nov

One of my ultra favorite accessories lines is STYLE HOUSE!

 I have quite a collection of clutches.

So, we have decided to team up to give one lucky reader the chance to win a Style House Clutch!’




First, you want to follow Ms. Charm’s Chic (@mscharmschic) and Style House (@style_house) on Instagram.

Second, look out for a trivia question posted around 6 a.m. from Monday to Friday.  All questions will be multiple choice.  Comment on the photo with your answer. 

Once you have entered, please DM with your email address on Ms. Charm’s Chic Instagram account (@mscharmschic).

Third, check out the rest of the rules. . .

The person with the most correct answers will win the prize. 

Open to DMV (Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia and Delaware) residents.


Prize: Win a purse from Style House. (only on IG) Trivia Questions will be posted on Instagram from Monday to Friday. And, winner will be announced on Sunday.

Winner’s prize will be mailed to them by Style House


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Unique Accessories with a Rare, One of a Kind Style: New Vintage by Sam

6 Nov


Looking Back Series

Originally posted on Ms. Charm's Chic:

There is nothing like parading around in Versace and Gantos garments like diva from Dynasty in your mother’s and aunt’s closet. Sam Smith’s obsession with fashion began exactly that way.

“I was very intrigued by fashion, and as I grew older I became extremely vigilant in finding alternative outlets to nurture my creative side,” Smith said.


While attending Morgan State University, Smith continued to hone her design skills in jewelry design while pursuing a degree in Health Education. Shortly after graduating in 2007, Sam Smith created New Vintage by Sam LLC.

“When I took a leap of faith, left my job and decided to follow my dreams full time,” Smith said. All I knew was that I wanted a life filled with purpose.It’s such a great feeling to know that I did the right thing. We aren’t put here on this earth to be… We are here to Live! I…

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Writer’s Heart with a Touch of Knit: Twigs & Wool

6 Nov


Looking Back Series 2015

Originally posted on Ms. Charm's Chic:

Last year, Corrine Nadine Gasiorowski graduated Towson University with an English degree and found a job as a technical writer within a month’s time. However, she had a desire to make an outlet for the other sides of her creativity. 


“I needed to do something that was just for me,” Gasiorowski said. I never set out with any sort of business plan. If I know anything, I learned it day-by-day. My knitting has always been something that I just did for fun and for gifts; it never seemed like something that others would appreciate to the degree that they have.”

The first item sold by the Twigs & Wool designer was a grayish-purple towel with metal, flower buttons from Bottle of Bread. 


“It was a very rough design and it would mostly fit a child, but a very petite woman fell in love with it for the craftsmanship at the first…

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Ms. Charm’s November Deal with MimiDre

1 Nov

It seems my Mimidre collection just keeps growing and growing!

Mimidre, Baltimore Fashion Blog, Baltimore Fashion

The holidays are right around the corner, therefore I wanted to give my readers a treat this week!

Use discount code:  CharmMimidre to get 10 percent off your order until Saturday, November 7.


Mimidre, Baltimore Fashion Blog, Baltimore Fashion



Ms. Charm Adventures: Fashion Saves Lives Fashion Gala on October 26

28 Oct

After taking a nearly three month hiatus (to take care of my mother as she recovered from her uterine cancer battle), I decided to make a comeback to the Baltimore fashion scene.


One of the most important stops on my Comeback Tour 2015 was attending American Breast Cancer Foundation‘s 3rd Annual Fashion Saves Lives.

My godmother and aunt Wanda is a breast cancer survivor. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate her live as well as others.


It was truly an honor to be invited to this event by Baltimore socialite, fashionista and owner of KIS Agency, Lana Rae.


My adventure started when I met up with Giselle Melrose. If you haven’t heard of this talented woman, she is the owner of The Melrose Experience. She is a professional make-up and hairstylist. Seriously, I am in love with her aqua hair.


Before the event, we had the chance to mingle with others and get a bite of local eats in the Baltimore area.  Around 8:30 p.m., it was time to get seated for the Fashion Saves Lives fashion show.

IMG_0535 IMG_0533

I was happy to run into Andrea Tomlin, the designer of Mimidre (shhhh, we are collaborating on something for my readers and it drops this Sunday, November 1).


Fashion Saves Lives runway was filled with stories of survival, inspiration and importance of early detection of breast cancer. The models on the runway ranges from breast cancer survivors from John Hopkins Bayview Breast Center to professional models to Baltimore City police officers/firefighters and local celebrities.  Not to mention the very entertaining and informative duo of Rebecca Klein and Keith Scott of TALLsmall.

FullSizeRender copy 2

Take a look at what Ms. Charm saw at Fashion Saves Lives below:


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