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Friendship Mixed with Vintage Fun: Milk and Ice Vintage

16 Apr

Over a decade, Kate Thomas and Angie Gavin have been best friends working for antique dealers and auctioning houses. Their love for all things old started at an early age.

“I think we were both were forced to fall in love with vintage because we grew up with parents who would second hand shop due to a lack of funds for new fresh clothes every season,” Thomas said. I think when you grow up like that you reach a certain age where you either completely disregard that way of styling yourself or you embrace it, and we both decided to embrace it. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with having a beer budget and champagne taste! Vintage allows you to do that to a certain extent and our goal is to price everything reasonable and affordable.”


It isn’t ironic that these best friends often dabbled in selling vintage items on as a side job. Yet, Angie was living in Oregon and Kate was living in Maryland.

“After years of buying & selling independently and moving from city to city, we have settled down and joined forces with Milk & Ice Vintage in our hometown of Baltimore, MD,” Thomas said. We sell vintage clothing & antiques at Avenue Antiques in Hampden, at various fleamarkets and events along the east coast as well as online. We decided to finally combine forces, take the bull by the horns and open an official business together full time.”

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A Designer’s Dream Come True: The Moon Life Clothing

9 Apr

Nate Gonzalez always had a dream to start his very own clothing company. In high school, he teamed up with a few of his skateboarding buddies to create designs for a line inspired by skateboarding companies and punk rock. While at Towson University, Gonzalez spent most of his time working on projects for classes and working full time outside of school. Therefore, his clothing company endeavor went on the back burner for a little bit. It took one class to put him back on track.


“The idea of The Moon Life [clothing line] came in a summer digital design class I was taking when we needed to make a catalog and poster design advertising something,“ Gonzalez said. Two years later, once I graduated, I drove across the country, came back and knew it was time to do it, for real. The first piece of clothing I designed for the brand was part of that project I had for my summer class. I printed one of them back in 2011 with a little home screen printing set up, but they were just for fun. The first one that we actually released and sold to the public is the “Dream Cycle” design.”


The 24 year old Baltimore artist and designer of The Moon Life Clothing often draws inspiration for his line from: space, the Moon, old Sci-Fi, futurism, sacred geometry, ancient symbolism/illustrations, spirituality, psychedelic/punk music and art, record covers, skateboard culture, live music and street art. He is really into screen print, street artist and psychedelic poster artists like Victor Moscoso.


“It’s a combination of things really,“ Gonzalez said. I am really into everything about space. I love the Moon and love the symbolism it holds and how the Moon cycles can take control. There is something about how the Moon connects us all and how its bright, silvery light guides us in the dark night. Also, back in high school, some of best friends were in this band called Alarmed. I would go to all of their shows and they were some of the best times of my youth. The title track on their first 7″ release was called “The Moon Life”. I feel using the name is kind of a way to pay respect back to my roots.”


A new The Moon Clothing design starts with Gonzalez figuring out a theme or concept first. Then, he sketches and thumbnails by hand. From there, he transforms his design to the computer. All the shirts are hand screen printed by the hands of Gonzalez.

“We are launching some new products that we are very excited about,” Gonzalez said. I am planning on hitting the road and bringing The Moon Life with me to a bunch of different music festivals. You can find us teamed up with Proper Playground Clothing Company at their next Celestial Erotica event, too.”


MICA Experiemental Fashion: XIX (Part Two)

6 Apr

On Saturday, April 5, St. John’s Church transformed into an experimental fashion stage once again by the students of Maryland Institute College of Art students. A record number of “19″ students presented their fashions (hence the name XIX) featuring costume, contemporary fashion, puppetry, performance and traditional catwalk.


*This post features video recorded by Ms. Charm of Ms. Charm’s Chic.

Amadeus Guchhait ’15 (general fine arts, humanistic studies) Gilded

Sarah Meeranje ’14 (fiber) Apolutrosis

Samantha Brodowski ’14 (fiber) Catscan

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MICA Experiemental Fashion: XIX (Part Three)

6 Apr

On Saturday, April 5, St. John’s Church transformed into an experimental fashion stage once again by the students of Maryland Institute College of Art students. A record number of “19″ students presented their fashions (hence the name XIX) featuring costume, contemporary fashion, puppetry, performance and traditional catwalk.


*This post features video recorded by Ms. Charm of Ms. Charm’s Chic and snapshots by Ms. Charm of Ms. Charm’s Chic.

Elise Collier ’14 (fiber)


Joanna Para ’14 (fiber) Szalala


Izzy Lawlor ’14 (fiber) Arcana

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MICA Experiemental Fashion: XIX (Part Four)

6 Apr

On Saturday, April 5, St. John’s Church transformed into an experimental fashion stage once again by the students of Maryland Institute College of Art students. A record number of “19″ students presented their fashions (hence the name XIX) featuring costume, contemporary fashion, puppetry, performance and traditional catwalk. *This post features snapshots by Ms. Charm of Ms. Charm’s Chic.

random 2

Alexandra Caivano ’14 (fiber) Stones

One day, Alexandra was walking through Greenmount Cementery in Baltimore and began to notice the beautiful textures, patterns in stone made from the destruction as well as decay that occurs through aging. 

Lucy Maher-Tatar ’15 Slight Feel-(interdisciplinary sculpture)

Lucy line consisted of an exploration of materials, texture and pattern based around the grid and structure. 

lucy 1

lucy 2

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From Dream Duo to Nominated Duo: Charm City Top Knots

2 Apr

When it comes to award season within the Baltimore fashion scene, Fashion Awards MD is our Oscars. Talented fashion talent from the DMV area put on their best garments and gather to celebrate the evolution of  Maryland fashion. In the large crowd of FAMD attendees, there were two friends day dreaming about seeing their art on stage, working with models backstage and hoping to be nominated some day.


“We went last year to the Fashion Awards MD for the first time,” Aubrey Schneider said. We were like next year we going to work the show and be nominated. Those words came out of our mouths. And, we are accomplishing our goals. Even if we don’t win, it’s just exciting to have that honor.”


The duo of Aubrey Schneider and Molly Mummert will forever be known as Fashion Awards MD nominated artists because they earned a spot on FAMD Emerge ballot in the Emerging Hairstylists this year.

“The year has just begun,” Molly Mummert said. We are just launching our name and being nominated. It is already a blessing to get to work the show in June as well. We are always spreading words about ourselves. It’s just happening so fast and we don’t even have our logo yet.”

The best friends officially go by the name: Charm City Top Knots.

“We actually met up the street from here [Teavolve in Harbor East] at Salon Sante” Aubrey Schneider said. I have been here for two years and Molly has been here for longer. It was almost like fate that we met each other. The salon that we were at closed two months after I got there. So, we met and had to go our separate ways.”

“She’s from Salsibury and I’m from York, PA,”Molly Mummert said. Both of us, not Baltimore people, but the city charmed us. We work with different product lines but we are really excited about doing things for the community, giving back, and being on call to come to our clients.”

Aubrey’s resume includes graduating from the Parkside Cosmetology program in 2008, working with Kevin Murphy, Organic Colour Systems, Bumble & Bumble and Redken. While balancing her new venture, she creates beauty at Tranquille Hair and Body and at Enza’s: An Organic Salon in Salisbury, Md. 


Molly’s resume includes graduating with honors from The Temple: A Paul Mitchell Partner School in 2008, working with Bumble & Bumble as well as nationally renowed Paul Mitchell artists, becoming certified with Keratin Complex Smoothing Systems.

As she starts a new business with her best friend, she resides at Studio 7 The Salon (a Paul Mitchell focus salon) in the Federal Hill.


Combining their years of hairstyling and make-up artistry, Charm City Top Knots hopes to provide a new prespective on what it means to be a beauty artist.

“We mainly specialize in events,” Aubrey Schneider said. Special occasion styling. As far as giving back, we have our “Trescues” [CCTK will help people in need as a way to give back. They customize their trescues for each individual, depending on their situation]. We are actually figuring out who the first one will be.”

“It’s to give someone underprivileged or going through hard times, Molly Mummert said. It’s no cost to them. We also have an event type event that we can do for a couple of women and for a group of girls. One is called Charmed Chicks and the other is called Glitzy Girlz. We are defiently into doing parties and things we can do in the comfort of someone’s home. Also, photo shoots and fashion work as well.”

The “Top Knots” is on a mission to help the community and express themselves through the art of beauty. The Top Knots offer their services for weddings, photography, fashion, advertising, and a variety of other event styling.


“I think that our connection together and just how we work together,” Molly Mummert said. We are like doing something maybe like an updo. I can be like “Aubrey, can you get the thing and the thing and she just knows what I am talking about. Having that chemistry is really hard to find. To be able to get along through all that and continue working is really exciting. I feel like we are a team can go far. Two is better than one.”

“Doing things together is so much more fun when I am with her,” Aubrey Schneider said. We knew we wanted to do something together. It’s just starting to form itself now.”

Ms. Charm’s Guide to the Busiest Fashion Event Month (April)

26 Mar

There is no doubt that April is the busiest fashion event month every year for the Baltimore fashion scene!

Ms. Charm has your guide to the chicest month of 2014, April below:

Baltimore Fashion Alliance:  


On Wednesday, April 2 , Baltimore Fashion Alliance will present their annual Career Day from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. 


Question & Answer session with fashion industry professionals including:
> Kelley Krohn of Poppy and Stella
> Lauren Bell of Babe. (a boutique)
> Christie Griffiths of Brightside Boutique & Art Studio
> Stacey Chambers of Gogo’s Retread Threads
> Lana Rae of Fashion Awards MD
> John-John Williams of The Baltimore Sun



Raw Baltimore on April 3

On Thursday, April 3 , SPECTRUM, taking place at Raw Baltimore’s NEW LOCATION: Creative Alliance located at 3134 Eastern Ave., Baltimore, Maryland from 8 p.m. to midnight.

Raw Baltimore

Super Thursday: In Full Bloom at Walters Art Museum on April 3

***This event is FREE and open to the public.  RSVP for free and receive a complimentary drink ticket.***

Art, fashion, flowers, libations & music come together in the beautiful sculpture court and galleries of The Walters Art Museum in historic Mt. Vernon. Celebrate spring with us in full bloom!


-Experience a fashion show curated by Lana Rae, featuring designs by STUDIO D’MAXSI and Ean Williams.
-Enjoy live music brought to you by DJ Jus-Spin c/o HNS.

Sample spring-inspired, specialty cocktails, artfully created by the mixologists atMix It Up Cocktail.

-Preview floral arrangements interpreting works of art in the galleries by the Women’s Committee of the Walters Art Museum.
-See the special exhibition, Designed for Flowers: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics.

MICA Fashion Week  2014: April 5 to April 12

Saturday, April 5, 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.
2640 (St. John’s Church), 2640 Saint Paul St.
Tickets: $7, available at the MICA Store, 1200 W. Mount Royal Ave., and store.mica.edu; limited tickets will be sold at the door for $10


UNMARKED: 21st Annual Benefit Fashion Show
Friday, April 11, 9 p.m. (MICA Community Show) and Saturday, April 12, 8 p.m. (General Public Show)
Brown Center: Falvey Hall, 1301 W. Mount Royal Ave.
Tickets: $15 Students; $20 General Public (MICA Community Show: $7 Students; $12 Faculty and Staff, $20 Guests), available at the MICA Store, 1200 W. Mount Royal Ave., and store.mica.edu; limited tickets will be sold at the door

Charm City Fashion Show on April 12

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In Touch with Reversible Style: Switch Purse

19 Mar

The undeniable passion for a handbag. It’s a symbol of womanhood. It’s where you keep all our essentials on a daily basis. It’s one accessory that can be the missing piece for a ensemble. When it comes to the handbag hunt, there are always so many different styles to pick from. It’s always better to see a bag become one with functionality and style.

“I was in a store with my best friend Sheri when I was looking at two of the same purses; one black and one brown,” Jill Louden said. I couldn’t afford to purchase both.  My friend Sheri was showing me a belt that was reversible and then it came to me—that I should make reversible purses. It would be a perfect way to be practical without sacrificing style.”


The Switch Purse handbag business was born just a few years ago. Louden, a mom of a 15 year old and a full time real estate/corporate paralegal at a law firm, has found a creative outlet in creating reversible handmade fabric purses. Believe it or not, she makes her Switch Purse bags in a converted workstation in her bedroom. There is a story behind each of her top three Switch Purses:

“I recently made a Switch Purse that is a beautiful purple/black/white pattern with a rhinestone button; then, it switches to all black with a football button,” Louden said. I love it because you can use the patterned side that has Ravens’ colors for a night out
and then switch it to the football side for a more casual event, such as a house party.


The next Switch Purse is a red/white/black/and gray pattern with a rhinestone button and then it switches to all black. I love red and I thought the color combination was striking.


This Jill Clutch is gold and blue, with fringe and made out of fabric from Thailand. It is so unique and beautiful and I may never be able to duplicate it.”


Louden’s fashion company began with a brown and black suede switch purse with a string as a strap. Now, she is stocked with purses, sketching new designs and exploring new fabrics.


“My favorite Spring 2014 trends are the colors orange, black and white and metallic,” Louden said. The bright orange pops and is so vibrant. The white and black together look crisp. The metallic is bold and eye catching. These colors will be incorporated into my purses.”

Learn more about The Switch Purse by Jill Marie here.


Raw Baltimore: Spectrum on April 3

12 Mar

On Thursday, April 3 , SPECTRUM, taking place at Raw Baltimore’s NEW LOCATION: Creative Alliance located at 3134 Eastern Ave., Baltimore, Maryland from 8 p.m. to midnight.


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A Union Made in Jewelry : Lotus Jewelry Studio

12 Mar

Two jewelers become one.

Eight years ago, Courtney Legenhausen and her husband, Erik Legenhausen decided to take their union a little further. They combined their passion for jewelry and started Lotus Jewelry Studio in the basement of their house.

“The first piece we added to the line, which we still sell today, are classic hammered hoop earrings,” Legenhausen said. I have been making these since I was in jewelry school just out of college.”


Fast forward to the present, Courtney and Erik company now operates in a new space in Hunt Valley, Maryland with a creative, cohesive team. Lotus Jewelry Studio features a complete line of bold, handcrafted accessories that are affordable yet personalized.

The San Diego California native jewelry inspiration derived from her roots on the West Coast and a love for all things bohemian.


“Our newest collection [Spring/Summer 2014 collection] has evolved slightly to offer a wider variety of yoga jewelry, new personalized options and pieces with healing stone properties,” Legenhausen said. My favorites from our spring 2014 line would be our malas, the power crystal necklace and our gypsy hoop earrings. I am in love with the rising bohemian/rocker trend that is happening. It really resonates with who I am. So, I love the extreme layering of jewelry and the return of wearing really large rings.”


For 2014, they are expanding their clientele with sale reps in California, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico. At the same time, Lotus Jewelry Studio wants to expand the local economy by hiring more talented people to be a part of their Lotus Jewelry Studio vision.

“I feel so fortunate to be able to do what I love each day and Learn more about Lotus Jewelry here. Shop for Lotus Jewelry Studio here. feel incredible fortunate for the people around me that I get to share that with,”Legenhausen said. Without my business partner/ husband and staff none of my successes would be as meaningful. I feel very blessed!”


Learn more about Lotus Jewelry Studio here.  Shop for Lotus Jewelry Studio here. 

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