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Jordan Matthews Presents The #Werqroom

31 Aug

As you may already know, Ms. Charm has been covering MICA’s annual experimental fashion showcase since 2010. It is one of her fave events of any year. One of the fashion stars of the class of 2013 was indeed, Jordan Matthews


Ms. Charm's outfit for the Jordan Matthews' WERQROOM!

Ms. Charm’s outfit for the Jordan Matthews’ WERQROOM!

When I heard she would be putting on her own production aka The WERQ ROOM, I knew I wanted to be in the front row to view her latest creations.  I admit I arrived maybe a bit too early, however I ran into Valeska (I remember it like yesterday when I met her at the first MICA experimental fashion at North Ave. I thank her so much for allowing me to cover the event year after year). 

photo 1 (6)

The always fun, Valeska.


Before the show even began, the scene at Jordan Matthews event was so chic and fierce that I became a street style blogger and captured some stylish locals on camera. 

The definition of chic are these stylish ladies at the WERQROOM!

The definition of chic are these stylish ladies at the WERQROOM!


Peep these shoes!

Peep these shoes!

OMG! For Rent Shoes owner, Daniel. Shoe game is always on point!

OMG! For Rent Shoes owner, Daniel. Shoe game is always on point!


OMG! Giselle Melrose, make-up artist you should so know about! Just fab!

OMG! Giselle Melrose, make-up artist you should so know about! Just fab!

The show began with an introduction by the so dapper, Anthony McVigger. The fashionable crowd took our seats for the show. 


Oh, hello Anthony McVigger.

Oh, hello Anthony McVigger.


Crazy Good front row at the WERQROOM including Lana Rae, Giselle Melrose, Daniel of For Rent Shoes. :)

Crazy Good front row at the WERQROOM including Lana Rae, Giselle Melrose, Daniel of For Rent Shoes. :)

Peep a short video of Jordan Matthew’s THE WERQROOM collection below. 

photo 4

First runway look at the WERQROOM!


So proud of Jordan Matthews for putting on this show and I can’t wait to see what she does next. 


Bottle of Bread Connection : Becky Jane Sews

26 Aug

There is something about that red and white building on Fleet Street. The array of plants right outside on a bench with a mannequin always nicely dressed. When you walk inside, you can get lost in the visual art from local artists hanging on the wall. It’s a dream zone filled with vintage clothing, home furnishing and Baltimore based designer’s work. Say hello to Bottle of Bread.

It was around two months ago when I spotted a 50’s style floral printed dress in front of Bottle of Bread and I wondered who created this classic silhouette. Suddenly, I discovered Becky Jane Harrington’s “Becky Jane Sews What” site and I knew I had to find out more.

Photo by Molly Jean McCracken

Photo by Molly Jean McCracken

“Morissa [Rothman-Pierce] of Bottle of Bread is actually my old roommate in SF’s little sister, Judith designer of Rusty Cuts,” Harrington said. When Mo was opening the shop she asked me if I would be interested in selling, and of course I was. I started off giving her a few baby outfits and dresses and skirts.”

IMG_0370 When Ms. Harrington isn’t dropping off her latest designs to this trendy boutique, she works at a vintage shop called Venus on Half Shell in Fredrick, Maryland. Also, she does a lot of freelance, custom work, alterations, mending and even teaches sewing lessons.

When did you realize you wanted to venture into fashion design?

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New on the Scene: Urban Boho

26 Aug

For nearly five years, Ms. Charm has been at the forefront of finding new designing talent in the Baltimore fashion scene. I’m happy to introduce you all the Fells Point based designer Andrea Belzner of Urban Boho.

At age 11, her grandmother began to teach her how to sew. By middle school, she was selling her own line of ribbon headbands, belts and watch bands to her classmates.

“I took a break from sewing soon after that, and purchased my own sewing machine this past February and have regained my skills,” Belzner said. I was inspired to make my own fashion line because I love clothes, and most of all I love saving money on clothes. I would go into many clothing stores, look at the price tag, and think I could make that! I enjoy going thrift shopping, and re-creating old pieces. That led me to make my line of shorts, and pocket tees.”

The Urban Boho line is 90s inspired, Americana and girly all wrapped into one. The first item created for Belzner’s brand were headbands. And, now she has expanded her line to include embellished shorts as well.

“My fourth of July outfit I created was all thrift shop purchases that i created into my own look, adding a distressed look, American inspired fabric, and a graphic tee that I turned into a tank top, and added lower fringe,” Belzner said. My pink bohemian headband is my favorite because I love the pattern of the fabric, and is a great way to keep my long hair out of my face.”

As the next season is approaching, the Urban Boho designer is starting to work on her fall collection. Expansion continues to be a driving force in her fashion journey as she is starting to experiment with creating men’s pocket tees.


Follow her design evolution on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/urbanboho_

Ms. Charm’s Adventure at #TheArtisanExperience

24 Aug

Despite the rainy weather, Ms. Charm grabbed her trench coat as well as animal printed umbrella and traveled to Fells Point because she could not miss #TheArtisanExperience

photo 3 (3)

Jaquetta of Glamorous Plainjane

At the Rockwell (a new bar in Fells Point), the creator of Glamorous Plainjane was the host of the event that featured some of the coolest fashion artists in Baltimore including: Andrea Tomlin of Mimidre, Alyssa of Ability by Alyssa, Sam of New Vintage by Sam to name a few. 

Alyssa of Ability of Alyssa working on a custom piece at #TheArtisanExperience.

Alyssa of Ability of Alyssa working on a custom piece at #TheArtisanExperience.

Peep the photos to see Ms. Charm’s Adventure:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Combine great food, a great crowd and great fashions = A killer event in Ms. Charm’s book.    

photo 1 (4)

I can’t wait for the next #TheArtisanExperience!


photo 3

The Tale of a True Fashion Hustle: Andrea Tomlin of MimiDre

19 Aug

Remember the days when Artscape embraced fashion with their annual runway shows and fashion design competitions. In 2010, Artscape presented the “Sew Your Inner Green” contest where participants had to make garments using at least 75 percent of non-traditional materials. One of the top five finalist happened to be Andrea Tomlin, who was fresh out of fashion school.


“[The dress] was made with fabrics from IKEA,” Tomlin said. My aesthestic hasn’t changed too much since then actually. If you look at that collection and what I do now, you see some of the same silhouettes. The greatest difference will be in the styling with the addition of the t-shirts. The looks are a lot more funky now.”


Combing her passion for graphic design as well as fashion, the MimiDre clothing line consists of T-shirts with a street edge and one of kind garments sewn in her studio. Each new piece that Mimi creates conveys a message of embracing who you are.


“People often ask what does Fly Nerd mean,” Tomlin said. The term “nerd” usually has a negative connotation while “fly” used a slang term means cool. Its a way to allow folks who have unique interests, style or personalities to embrace who they and what they like no matter how quirky and weird. Be Yourself!”


The karaoke loving fashion designer who is inspired by brands like Betsey Johnson and Brooklyn Circus can be seen all over town spreading the word about Fly Nerd. Whether it’s a surprise fashion yard sale in a secret location or teaming up with other local designers for a pop up shop event, Mimi doesn’t take a day off. Hence, a true fashion hustler.

“The partnership with For Rent shoes came about through their looking for local brand for the store before they initially opened in October 2013,” Tomlin said. I was referred to them and they felt that my brand was a good match for their store. I believe it is a great match because the person that identifies with being a FLY NERD loves being finding their own unique style. For Rent Shoes carries a diverse collection of very unique sneakers, accessories, eyewear and clothing.”


From being a highlighted brand at For Rent Shoes to creating a “Fly Nerd” lifestyle, she is a top designer that eats, sleeps fashion. This year, Mimi was honored to be nominated for the Emerging Fashion Awards MD.

“Winning Emerging Designer of the Year meant a great deal,” Tomlin said. If was a very overwhelming and humbling experienced. I simply make clothing and print tees because I like it. Its amazing to me that people connect with the brand and notice what I do. I am extremely grateful!”


19 Aug

One of my favorite places to discover rising fashion stars would have to be For Rent Shoes. It was back in May when I first heard about the Bmore Do More non-profit event presented by the owner of Style House Accessories. The mission of the non-profit is to help children attending Baltimore City Public Schools. This is very dear to Ms. Charm’s heart since my mother was a teacher for over 30 years in the Baltimore City schools. I knew I had to get in contact with this designing give-backer.
head shot

Meet Bronx native Shamaya House of Style House Accessories.

When did you realize you wanted to venture into jewelry design/fashion design?

I have always had a fetish for accessories and costume jewelry. I would go to every store even costume stores to find a certain type of piece. I got tired of looking for them and decided to try and start creating these designs I imagined in my head.   DSC_0070

What inspired you to create your line?

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