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Ms. Charm’s Fashion Night Out 2012

7 Sep

In the eyes of Ms. Charm, Baltimore’s Fashion’s Night Out was a success!

From the vendors to the runway, the Baltimore fashion scene was alive.

Ms. Charm (Paulette) in the photographer’s pit (wearing the turban) at the TREND fashion show. (Photo by Christina Forsting).

As usual, I arrived around an hour too early for the event. I can’t help that I like to be early everywhere I go.

I took a stroll down Harbor East and Fells Point to do some window shopping. (Honestly, it sucked to be unemployed during this BIG shopping event. But, I made the best of it).

By the time, I walked back to Powerplant Live! it was around 6:10 p.m.

On the top of my list of things to do was to meet people that I have talked to on the phone or over e-mails over the years for the first time face to face.  

I was highly nervous when I met Sloane Brown (Baltimore Sun columnist and handbag designer).

She looked fabulous as always. I could barely start a conversation because my mind went totally blank. Anyway, it was a highlight.

After meeting a Baltimore fashion scene idol, I took some time to walk around and talk to vendors. I was so happy to meet some new people and to see some familiar places.

I checked out Keggy, Michelle Li Murphy,Wedding 411, Beth & Noel, Astonishing Handmade, and many more vendors.

After my Fashion’s Night Out mini trip, I decided to take my 3 inch heels on a journey to South Moon Under. I was invited to attend the MINTLEN trunk show.

When I entered South Moon Under, the party was jumpin’ literally. I quickly checked out MINTLEN, then I had to hurry back to Powerplant. Why? I didn’t want to miss the Fashion’s Night Out TREND fashion show.

I live for fashion shows so I did my best to walk fast in 3 inch heels. I was back at Powerplant by 7:40 p.m. As soon as I arrived, I searched for a spot where I could get a good angle for the fashion show.

I checked my phone and my friend, Christina had texted me. I texted her back to tell her where I was standing. Christina found me and told me to follow her. Christina and I made it through the crowd.

Suddenly, I went from watching on the sidelines to getting access to photographer pit.  Thank you J.M. Giorando and Christina for everything.

Hanging out with my friend, Christina at TREND Fashion Show.

The fashion show included fashions from Katwalk, Babe, South Moon Under, Fresh! Boutique, Cupcake Boutique, Michelle Murphy, Ella Moda Couture, and more.  

Here’s a few highlights from the fashion show:

SECRET: Half way through the fashion show, I traded in my heels for flat sandals. Yes, I always carry an extra pair of shoes in my bag on most occasions.

Once the fashion show ended, my feet were done. Despite my tired feet and legs, I enjoyed myself.  

I can’t wait to see what will happen next September.  

Ms. Charm’s Chic is Nominated for the First Ever Fashion Awards MD!

14 Mar

On Friday, I received an e-mail from Fashion Awards MD  saying that I have been selected as one of the BEST  BLOGGERS in Maryland!

After 10, 435 public nominations and with the help of their amazing judges, Ms. Charm’s Chic will be listed on the final voter’s ballot.

I am so honored to be recognized by my hometown and I am so thankful for my readers voting for me!

Voting for the winners in each of the Fashion Award MD categories will be coming up soon. You will be able to vote online at
I hope you all vote for me.
If I do win or do not win, I am just happy to have Maryland’s fashion scene’s support and acknowledgement.
Most of all,  I am a part of Maryland’s fashion history.

Ms. Charm’s Chic TURNS TWO!

8 Feb

It was on February 8, 2010 when I launched the Baltimore fashion news blog, Ms. Charm’s Chic.

My blog actually started off as a graded project for one of my classes during my senior year at Towson University.

Once I graduated, I decided that I came too far to just stop blogging. I am happy to say that Ms. Charm’s Chic is TWO YEARS OLD TODAY!

Over the last two years, I have been able to connect to so many amazing people within the Baltimore fashion scene.

I am so thankful to have such lovely loyal readers that come back to read more about the stylish city of Baltimore on Ms. Charm’s Chic. I could not do anything without you all.

Also, I want to thank:

Stacy Spaulding (my journalism professor that helped me start this fashion blog)  

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Ms. Charm’s Updates: Writing My Heart Out, Job Hunting & February Love

1 Feb

I am happy to say that 2012 started off with a good bang!

New Year, New Opportunity

In the first month of 2012, I was able to focus on one of my big goals for this year: “Just Keep Writing”.  If you ever been unemployed, you know that your life can get pretty boring really quick. Personally, I refused to sit on my butt all day and not do anything.

It was during the 2011 holiday season that I started to research the web for writing opportunities. This is going to sound crazy . . . I actually miss having deadlines for  assignments or just having an assignment to do.

I am so thankful that I have started freelancing for an online magazine and I hope to continue writing posts for their amazing site throughout the year.

I thought I would share some links with you all:

Five Ways To Dress Up Your Natural Hair :

Versallies 73 Documentary:

Designer We Love Nic Fish

Tips For Keeping Your Shoes Fly:

Things To Do When Shopping For Vintage:

Personal Life: Job Hunting Seems Like It’s Going No Where

Officially, I have hit seven months unemployed. I’m not feeling good about it because seriously, who would feel good about not having a job or not having unemployment benefit checks to help you along the way.

Some days, I wake up and think what have I done to deserve this. Some days, I wake up and I do my best to keep my situation off my mind. All I can do is pray and hope for the best. 

February Means A Lot To Ms. Charm

On the bright side, February is my favorite month of the year for three reasons:

  • Ms. Charm’s Chic Birthday is on Feb. 8 and my blog is turning two years old! 
  • Fashion Week Season begins with New York Fashion Week on Feb. 9!
  • My Birthday (it’s next week!) 

Make sure you check out Ms. Charm’s Chic Facebook page throughout every week because I will be updating with sales, announcements, and more events in Charm City.

Ms. Charm’s Natural Hair Journey

3 Jan

Sometimes you look at yourself in the mirror . . . and think “maybe it’s time for a change”.

In October 2011, I decided to give my hair . . . a drastic change. Now, I am a naturalista!

TRUTH: Since 7th grade, I have been straighten my hair with a straighten comb. I have burned my hair numerous times with straighten combs. I would buy pieces (ponytails and buns) for special occasions. I would always have my hair in a ponytail or curl it with rollers.

I had a relaxer once, but the idea of chemicals burning near my scalp just didn’t click. And, I have never had a perm.

DECISION: After straightening my hair with heat for years, I thought the best option for my hair was going back to natural (without heat).

FIRST STEP:  Make sure you have the right products and items. What do I use?

Items I use: Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Water Bottle, Satin Bonnet, Bobby Pins, Huge Hair Clip, Organic Gel, and Comb Set

Other things, but not necessary for every naturalista.

Flowers Clips, Headband, Rollers and Hair Bands

NEXT STEP: Experiment with my hair to figure out what hairstyles I could wear. I have tried twist out, twists, rollers and braids so far.


On Youtube, I found Naptural85. She teaches you how to take care of your hair and how to make homemade oils for your hair. Also, she has tutorial videos for cute and diverse hair styles.  She is my number one source for many questions about natural hair.

Other great sources: Curly Nikki, Black Girl with Long Hair


One of my favorite personal style fashion bloggers is Tamia of Style Sample. I always admire how she always changes up her hairstyles.

(Photos from Style Sample).

Other bloggers with great natural hair: Style Pantry, Mattieologie

Besides that, my celebrity inspirations are Solange Knowles and Diana Ross (old images from the 1970s).

(Photo from

(Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images)

LAST STEP:  Figure out a daily hair regiment that works. Being a naturalista is hard work, but it always pays off in the end. I find that my regiment changes based on the hairstyle I am wearing.

No matter what, I always spray hair with water, detangle it, and grease my hair. I have been natural (heat free) for three months! I’ll update you on my hair journey when I hit six months in March.

I’m still learning about my hair daily, but I am in love with my hair’s natural state.

Ms. Charm is Taking a Holiday Break 2011

9 Dec

The holidays will be here before you know it! I must say Christmas is my favorite holiday every year.

So, I am taking a break from blogging (yes, it’s very hard for me to do this. But, we all need a break every once in a while) to clear my mind and spend time with my family.

Don’t worry I will continue to update my Facebook page and Twitter.  

(Photo by Paulette W.).

Anyway, Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Vote Ms. Charm’s Chic for The 2011 Mobbies!

31 Oct

In 2010, I was nominated for the Mobbies during my blog’s first year.

In 2011, I have been nominated again for The Mobbies in three categories: Best Lifestyle Blog, Best Personal Blog, and Best Reader Engagement. 

Voting starts TODAY until November 10.

VOTE NOW! (You can use your Twitter, Facebook, or AOL account to vote).

Also, on top of regular Web voting, nominees in each category will pick one of their peers for a separate “bloggers’ choice” honor.

Ms. Charm’s Chic Updates: Nominated for Three Mobbies

27 Oct

OMG! I had been nominated for The Baltimore Sun Mobbies in three categories including Best Lifestyle Blog, Best Personal Blog, and Best Reader Engagement. I want to thank my readers for this honor and for your continued support.

Voting will take place from Oct. 31 to Nov. 10. Also, on top of regular Web voting, nominees in each category will pick one of their peers for a separate “bloggers’ choice” honor.

Ms. Charm’s Adventures: Charm City Fashion Show 2011

25 Apr

As you know, Ms. Charm (aka me) doesn’t have a car or a driving license (I’ll be working on that next month. I’ll tell you more about that soon).

I had to take one bus to the subway. Then, I walked down Light street to Key highway.

I decided to take a pit stop at the Inner Harbor. Sometimes I forget how beautiful Baltimore is. I sat on a bench for about fifteen minutes looking at the boats and all the buildings.

(Photo by Paulette W.).

Back to Charm City Fashion Show adventure: After that, I walked eight blocks to finally arrived at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. Of course, I was early.

I may be the only girl that does this: Carry your heels in your purse until you get to your destination. Swiftly, you change into your heels once you are at your destination.

Speaking of shoes, my outfit of choice was: new platform “Garren” sandals from Blowfish Shoes, Motel Rocks Bodysuit, Cheap Monday skirt, vintage gold belt from mom, ring from EOU!

(Photo by Paulette W.).

When I entered the Baltimore Museum of Industry, my eyes were easily drawn to the runway. I looked through some of my tables they had set up for Baltimore Fashion Alliance, BARCS, and more.

(Photo by Paulette W.).

(Photo by Paulette W.).

I became “like a fly on the wall with the secret eyes” for the first two hours. I’m so used to people watching and observing what’s going on around me because of my training from journalism school.

I’m not saying I do not talk to people because I do and I did. I talked to the parents of the designer behind Chela Vintage and a few other people.

(Photo by Paulette W.).

In all honesty, I wasn’t there to talk and mingle. I was there to see a fashion show and to see LAZERBITCH perform.

I love that the Charm City Fashion Show catwalk was fun like a Betsey Johnson runway. In Baltimore, we like to have fun at fashion shows and not be so serious.

The fashion show featured:  PEDXCHELA Vintage, F.L.E.X. Clothing, Adorn by Sarah LewisSixteen TonsMonster LouBabe (A Boutique)Couture ClosetWhimsy Boutique, and Christopher Schafer Clothier.

The song “Stand Up!” is  featured in the video and is from one of my fave local bands, Playground Etiquette.  Check out Playground Etiquette at!

Of course, I heart Natty Paint! I have about three Natty Paint garments in my closet right now. I knew that Emily Li Mandri would be debuting her summer 2011 line at Charm City Fashion Show and I was impressed!

Rompers, skirts, t-shirts, leggings, pants, dresses, and even an awesome rain cape! I will let you know when all the new stuff is online and I’m sure I’ll buy something.

I’m happy that the Charm City Fashion Show team saved the best for last: LAZERBITCH! Lazer Libby was rocking a red v-neck jumpsuit with super goregous gold wedge heels and Mad Max was rocking a fedora, black shirt, and black pants.

HELLO, the most stylish performers of the night. I finally met Lazer Libby in person. She is so awesome and sweet!

I had a great time! Oh, yeah . . . I didn’t walk all the back to the subway to get home. Thankfully, my cousin picked me and took me home. :)

Ms. Charm’s Chic Adventures: RACK PART TWO

11 Apr

TIME FOR AN INTERMISSION! Guess what, it really did happened after Ginny Duncan’s Steel Magnolias presentation wrapped up.

During intermission, audience members had the option of grabbing something to eat or drink at the RACK bar or examine the RACK stage up close and personal. I decided to go on stage and view the dresses and equipment on the RACK stage.

(Photos by Paulette W.).

(Photo by Paulette W.).

Once I was done, I walked back to my seat and I ate some raisin bread that I had in my purse (am I the only person who always carries a snack when they go to events?) Well, let’s get back to the event.

Yeji Byun Bower’s presentation featured two little boxed stages that models stood up on. I love the idea of seeing the back and front of each garment. Shhh . . . I want to wear everything in that collection!

Jacob Wayne Dillow shocked the crowd with his Apocryphal collection. The presentation was dark, full of action, full of mystery, and ended in death.

Sarah Ivancic‘s Monstrosities instantly put a smile on my face. The model were fun and the clothing was whimsical. Most of all, I adored the shoes and I need those shoes!

Soyoung Park‘s Ballerina Meets Punk made me have a fashion attack! I heart anything edgy! I would so wear any piece in her collection.

Katherine Weintraub‘s Love Letter to a Somatoform may have confused some, but I enjoyed it. I love how the deranged models didn’t allow their craziness to stop them from falling in love.

The finale was Sharela Bonfield‘s FlyGirls: Remixed. I love the choreography!!!!! Yes, I was totally moving in my seat! I love the 80s/90s flashback to the good old days of early hip hop! Perfect way to end the show for sure!

I want to thank Valeska Populoh and the MICA students for making my Saturday night a great one! I am so happy to see student designers showcasing that fashion is more than seams. Fashion is everything!  I can’t wait for next year!


If you are interested in any pieces from the show, do not hesitate and e-mail them at Please include your name, contact information, and the name of the collection/artist in e-mail.

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