Ms. Charm’s Chic Exclusive: Private Jewelry Showing with Freda Mohr

26 Oct

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Freda Mohr inviting me to a private showing for her jewelry line. Of course, I was extremely excited! We had been Instagram BFFs for a while and I have always been a big fan of her unique take on jewelry.



For some reason when I woke up yesterday, I felt like dressing up as a socialite. So, I grabbed my most animal printed dress and threw a crazy good black not fur coat on. And, I was on my way to Freda Mohr’s lovely home.



When I arrived, I found a parking space in no time (I love when you don’t have to pay for parking!). I walked up to her house and Freda opened the door with a big smile. Also, Freda looked highly fabulous with a printed dress on matched with a one-of-kind necklace handmade by herself and finished off with purple stockings and cute grayish boots.



The moment I met her I knew that we were totally destined to be friends.

After a warm welcoming, Freda showed me to her beautifully lighted showcase of her jewelry. The thing I love about Freda’s jewelry is it is something I do not see everyday. Each piece is stunning and threaded by hand. It’s a new take on the idea of tradition knitting and crochet being transformed into a wearable accessory.

For hours, Freda and I talked about rules of dating, public transportation tales, Baltimore Fashion Alliance fashion show and so much more while slipping on wine and eating cheese with crackers. Even one of her endearing cats took a liking to me and had a quick nap on my lap.

Before I left this inspiring private jewelry trunk show, I had to buy something.

You can’t be a Baltimore fashion blogger and not shop local or support fashion artists. DUH!

 I re-visit her jewelry and I could not keep my eyes off this crochet lace motif pendent wrapped in a gold chain.  I am happy to say it has a home in my wardrobe now.


Holiday season is here! I believe someone in your life deserves an unique, personalized gift.

I invite you to visit Freda’s shop:

Become a fan of her jewelry here:

The fabulous Freda Mohr

The fabulous Freda Mohr


“Buying a handmade piece is a statement that you care about a person’s livelihood. Which is beautiful, and transcends fashion trends.” -Freda Mohr

A Designer’s Dream Come True: The Moon Life Clothing

26 Oct


Looking Back Series 2014

Originally posted on Ms. Charm's Chic:

Nate Gonzalez always had a dream to start his very own clothing company. In high school, he teamed up with a few of his skateboarding buddies to create designs for a line inspired by skateboarding companies and punk rock. While at Towson University, Gonzalez spent most of his time working on projects for classes and working full time outside of school. Therefore, his clothing company endeavor went on the back burner for a little bit. It took one class to put him back on track.


“The idea of The Moon Life [clothing line] came in a summer digital design class I was taking when we needed to make a catalog and poster design advertising something,“ Gonzalez said. Two years later, once I graduated, I drove across the country, came back and knew it was time to do it, for real. The first piece of clothing I designed for the brand…

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Ms. Charm’s Chic Throwback Edition: What I Would Bring Back From The 90s?

19 Oct

Not being typical has been a part of my DNA since the moment I was born. My motto of not fitting in was evident during my “elementary chapters” also known as 1990s.

Like most children, I enjoyed watching my favorite cartoons like Rugrats. On the other hand, I could not miss an episode of my fave fashion TV shows that included Fashion Files, House of Style and any opportunity I could see Joan Rivers commentary on the red carpet.


Yep, that’s me around 4 years old. Totally having a “Clueless” moment before the movie came out in ’95.

The latest 90s trends were showcased by top Supermodels like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Tyra Banks, Linda Evangelista and the list goes on.


Source: Pinterest


I watched how the 1990s fashion scene went from embracing preppy chic to hip hop streetwear to dark grunge days to every trend in between.

So, what would I bring back from 90s?

Sweater Swag.


Before you go “Huh, are you on some crazy juice?, let me explain why this phenomenon needs a comeback.

What's the Dillo with Sweater Swag? Zach from Saved by the Bell Source: Rebloggy

What’s the Dillo with Sweater Swag?
Zach from Saved by the Bell
Source: Rebloggy


In 2014, the following statement is consistently associated with sweaters:

“Almost that time of year to find the most gross vintage sweater for the Ugly Sweater party this year”


Back in the day, the sweater was about making a statement no matter how eccentric it looked or how un-functional it appeared.

It’s the one piece of clothing that transcend through all fashion trend groups of the 90s. Bill Cosby, the 90s sweater trendsetter, introduced sweater swag. His sweater wardrobe consist of geometric zig zag designs, bold visual scenes embedded in knits, and thousands of patterns as well as countless colors on one sweater.

Source: Collector's Weekly

Source: Collector’s Weekly



Source: Dr. Jays Live Blog

Source: Dr. Jays Live Blog

The Coogi sweater become a garment of status in the hip hop community thanks to legendary rapper, Notorious B.I.G. and other rappers in the 90s.  In the preppy world, the movie “Clueless” brought the fuzzy cropped sweater and cropped sweaters in general into the fashion scene forefront.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Even, Kurt Cobain could be seen in worn out, hole striped sweaters conveying the grunge lifestyle. Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s Carlton made tying sweaters around your neck popular. Blossom’s Joey made tying sweater around your waist cool.

Source: johndeboercustom blog

Source: johndeboercustom blog


Now, my 90s sweater fashions were of course, handpicked from my mom. Call me a weird child. The best part of back to school clothes shopping was finding my new signature knit for the year.

Yep, I'm in the middle. Rocking a sweater vest with colorful buttons. So, The Bomb! Right?!

Yep, I’m in the middle. Rocking a sweater vest with colorful buttons. So, The Bomb! Right?!

My own 90s sweater swag.

My own 90s sweater swag.

I spent much of my childhood well, in sweaters. Even on an 80 degree spring day, I would be outside playing with my buttoned up sweater on. Hey, this was before I developed sweat glands so totally fine. Right?!

An elementary school class photo could not be complete without me sweater-expressing myself.


Look at all the 90s fashion trends in this one class picture.

Look at all the 90s fashion trends in this one class picture.

Let’s stop giving the knitted wonder a bad name with these ugly Xmas sweater parties. Once again, let us all embrace the sweater as the powerful feel good garment it is. And, Yadda Yadda Yadda.

Bottle of Bread Connection : Becky Jane Sews

18 Oct


Looking Back Series 2014

Originally posted on Ms. Charm's Chic:

There is something about that red and white building on Fleet Street. The array of plants right outside on a bench with a mannequin always nicely dressed. When you walk inside, you can get lost in the visual art from local artists hanging on the wall. It’s a dream zone filled with vintage clothing, home furnishing and Baltimore based designer’s work. Say hello to Bottle of Bread.

It was around two months ago when I spotted a 50’s style floral printed dress in front of Bottle of Bread and I wondered who created this classic silhouette. Suddenly, I discovered Becky Jane Harrington’s “Becky Jane Sews What” site and I knew I had to find out more.

Photo by Molly Jean McCracken

Photo by Molly Jean McCracken

“Morissa [Rothman-Pierce] of Bottle of Bread is actually my old roommate in SF’s little sister, Judith designer of Rusty Cuts,” Harrington said. When Mo was opening…

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Friendship Mixed with Vintage Fun: Milk and Ice Vintage

8 Oct


Looking Back Series

Originally posted on Ms. Charm's Chic:

Over a decade, Kate Thomas and Angie Gavin have been best friends working for antique dealers and auctioning houses. Their love for all things old started at an early age.

“I think we were both were forced to fall in love with vintage because we grew up with parents who would second hand shop due to a lack of funds for new fresh clothes every season,” Thomas said. I think when you grow up like that you reach a certain age where you either completely disregard that way of styling yourself or you embrace it, and we both decided to embrace it. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with having a beer budget and champagne taste! Vintage allows you to do that to a certain extent and our goal is to price everything reasonable and affordable.”


It isn’t ironic that these best friends often dabbled in selling vintage items on as a side…

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From Dream Duo to Nominated Duo: Charm City Top Knots

1 Oct


Looking Back Series 2014

Originally posted on Ms. Charm's Chic:

When it comes to award season within the Baltimore fashion scene, Fashion Awards MD is our Oscars. Talented fashion talent from the DMV area put on their best garments and gather to celebrate the evolution of  Maryland fashion. In the large crowd of FAMD attendees, there were two friends day dreaming about seeing their art on stage, working with models backstage and hoping to be nominated some day.


“We went last year to the Fashion Awards MD for the first time,” Aubrey Schneider said. We were like next year we going to work the show and be nominated. Those words came out of our mouths. And, we are accomplishing our goals. Even if we don’t win, it’s just exciting to have that honor.”


The duo of Aubrey Schneider and Molly Mummert will forever be known as Fashion Awards MD nominated artists because they earned a spot on FAMD Emerge ballot…

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A Sassy Sewer Building A Fashion Empire: Yetunde Sarumi

24 Sep

Originally posted on Ms. Charm's Chic:

While growing up, Yetunde Sarumi watched her mother embark on a sewing journey. She even learned how to hand sew at age 8. Her first clothing product was creating skirt that was literally sewn by hand, without a sewing machine. Unfortunately, her sewing passion slowly dissolved over the years. Well, until a fashion mishap in 2011.
“It actually started when I gave a tailor some fabric and my design idea to sew, but I ended up receiving a dress that looks nothing like I designed,” Yetunde Sarumi said. Being disappointed, I decide that I needed to learn how to sew so that I can bring my ideas to live exactly the way I pictured it.”
Sarumi sewing comeback involved searching for the perfect sewing school.Her research lead her to a website called After submitting an email, the website sent her information about Baltimore’s own sewing school, The Sassy…

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